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Collar fit...

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Hello, everyone. I'm a big guy with a relatively skinny and long neck. I was measured as having a 19 inch neck. The thing is that when I get shirts in a 19 neck, most of them are loose and i have too much space between my neck and the collar. But, a couple shirts I already own are the right size for me and are labelled as 19. I am thinking about ordering a Jantzen shirt just to try them out, but what if the collar is too large at the 19 that I'm going to give them? Should I maybe go 18.5 instead? Thanks for any (good) advice.
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uh, if you think 19 is a skinny neck, you should be able to afford a bespoke shirt from your NFL salary All jokes aside, though, if you were measured a 19, you are probably a 19. Or maybe you're a 18.75 ? The collar shrinks after a few washings/dryings, so a shirt collar that feels loose now may snug up quite a bit. If you get an 18.5, you run the risk of strangling yourself down the road. Then you would have to reposition the top button, which may or may not ruin the look of the shirt. Of course, if you are not going to wear a tie/unbutton the top, all bets are off, and you can easily go with a smaller size. There's no harm in remeasuring yourself. Especially since you are ordering from Jantzen, you should just follow their instructions and repeat the measurement at least three times to get consistency. Ideally, take a shirt with a collar that you like and measure its size according to their instructions (but tell them that's how you got the size) And tell them to add in an allowance for shrinkage. I've never ordered from Jantzen, but from what I hear, it can be like playing the lottery sometimes, especially with the first shirt. Good luck.
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The actual size of the neck will sometimes vary by manufacturer. So an actual size 19 with one shirt company might be a large as a 19.5 or 19.75 with another.

I would measure with a tape the neck of your best fitting shirt collar and not go by the label. Measure from the button to the far end of the button hole to replicate actual fit. This is the only way to know what really feels good and fits right on you.
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If you order a Jantzen shirt you need to realize that the measurements they ask for aren't the same as the tagged size of a shirt.

IIRC they measure from the center of the button to the center of the buttonhole, around the actual shirt itself. This needs to be looser than your actual neck measurement to be comfortable (obviously).

I would measure a shirt you think fits you well around the neck. You will also need to include extra for shrinkage, on a 19" neck I'd add 1/2" to the shirt you measure, to be safe.
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19" neck?

I feel sorry for your GF
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