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new to suits

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Hello there,

I'm totally new to suits and I'm from a country where suits are not the formal dress as well, and I'm wondering does every design should only be appropriate for certain occasions ?

like those on this web site:

the first one on the left (Alfani Suit, Luxury Black Two Button)

does it consider more of a stylish suit than the others? I like them to be more tight than the usual ones. if anyone knows Josep Guardiola, I like his suits so much but are they suitable for all occasions?
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my opinion is, you make the suit ~ if you're comfortable wearing the suit (and it shows), then they can be worn anywhere for almost any occasion

but if you're not comfortable wearing them, then they wont be right for any occasion

if you want to know your fit ... why not check out the stores that sell suits and try them on, see which one fits you better

or have it tailor-made
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What size (if you know) are you and price range are you looking at? This will determine everything.

PLEASE do not buy a black Alfani suit for $475.
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Are you looking for a suit for a specific event? Job interview, wedding, funeral, etc...
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