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Bracelet + Necklace thread - pics or ideas?

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What do you guys wear with your gym or street clothes?

Zelle on Elsewares has some interesting stuff. I'm particularly interested in these:

MIDI cuff on the left and Hex-ferrite bracelet on the right

EDIT: I just bought the cuff and bracelet from fractalspin as shipping to Hawaii was cheaper than Elsewares. Pretty interesting... the jewelry designer, Zelle aka Liz Knight, is also a DJ and has an electronic music website. Fractalspin appears to be her online store, and she puts out music under the name Quantazelle (I picked up the CD with my bracelets). Busy woman!

I'll usually wear these with my jeans and t-shirt getup.

I don't know too much about shopping for cool accessories on the web. Anyone have other interesting stores or pics of items?
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I think they're amazingly silly, but bullet necklaces are red hot.
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There are a few that I have been interested in myself but I do not feel generally comfortable with jewellery. Some ideas from Forzieri: I used to wear (in addition to my wedding band) on my right hand's pinky my steel Engineer's Ring and a necklace with a small, silver idol (a copy of a chalcolithic I believe find from Cyprus). I lost those two accidentally some time ago
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I don't wear any jewlery, but I think I might get one of these:
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Sometimes I wear a small pewter pendant with a stake and a mallet tied together into a crucifix. It's about exactly as silly-looking as it sounds, but it suits me.
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I wear custom dog tags (was a gift from gf, I think she got them online just by googling) and I got the ring necklace off of ebay. The rubber/silver bracelet was from (beware... order once and get clothing catalogs in the mail for LIFE) and it's the one that I slip my Eternal jeans tube over to make my Eternal bracelet At first I didn't like wearing the dog tags... they came with rubber guards to keep them from making noise, but I took them off and I love the noise of the tags I usually keep the necklaces inside my shirt. It looks tacky to me if they're exposed, but you can see the chains/straps going around my neck, which is nice and conservative. That Forzieri bracelet looks sweet! Would be nice for casual dates
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Simple, streamlined jewelry - silver/platinum, black, and few jewels if any.
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i find it hard to wear a necklace- i haven't quite figured it out yet. i just started wearing rings recently, but that seemed easier than trying to do necklaces... i have been looking into some. i was going to get a goro's set (chain and feathers)- still looking into it... not sure if it will go well with my style or not.
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So Keal, decided on anything yet?
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I always the look of an ornate cross/rosary...have the unholy trio of Dolce, Gabbana and Beckham killed that one?
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