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Kiton - Almost got lucky!

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I went to the Saks Mens Store in D.C. today to see what I could find on sale. The sale items recently took an additional 30% mark-down. In the "42 Reg" section of the sales suits were 6 Kiton suits marked-down from $5400 to $1995 (with an additional 30% off the marked-down price). I saw an absolutely beautiful 2-button medium grey that I tried on, but found the sleeves too short. Same issue with the other 5 suits (which included a very nice navy blue DB). It turns out that a customer special ordered these suits and changed his mind. [All I could think was that it must have been a VERY special customer for the store to take back the merchandise after it had been cut.]

If anyone here is in the D.C. area and wears a 42 Reg, there is a great deal to be had on Kiton at the Saks Mens Store. My arm length in shirts is a 34"; when the tailor measured the suit on me, the problem wasn't lengthening the sleeves, but the stitching on the sleeve button-holes. If I had been a 33" sleeve, no work would have been needed and I would have had that suit.

By the way, that suit felt amazing - like I had nothing on.

I ended-up purchasing a Gianluca blazer.
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Did you determine that there was no way to lengthen the sleeves?
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If the sleeves can be lengthened I would pull the stitches out of the buttonholes and take the suits to someone who can reweave the cut buttonholes. I think they should be able to do that.
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I have sleeves lengthened all the time when I buy OTR suits. It is an easy alteration.
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I am guessing the suits had been cut for working buttonholes.

However I might think about what a sleeve with 5 working buttonholes would look like. <sly grin>

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I went to Saks today as well, there were some Kiton's there in that same price range as well, I think the one I was looking at was a peak lapel 3 button chalk stripe (I could be wrong). Sleeves weren't cut though.

There were also a ton of Brioni/Kiton shirts for sale, 30% off. I am wondering what the deal was, as every single one I looked at had darts. Is this normal?
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