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Jazz festivals

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Where did you go in past? Do you plan to attend any in 2010?
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I've been to Montreux Jazz festival several times, this year maybe the Hague (Northsea Jazz). Otherwise not so much.
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How is Newport these days?
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Originally Posted by Roy View Post
I've been to Montreux Jazz festival several times, this year maybe the Hague (Northsea Jazz). Otherwise not so much.

This one a couple of times. I enjoyed a concert of Lamb the most of the ones I saw there. Not truly into Jazz.
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Chicago Jazz Festival - I get a few perks as a member of the Jazz Institute of Chicago (nothing major, just some preferred seating at Petrillo Band Shell in Grant Park), maybe Montreal too.
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I used to go with my dad to the Indianapolis one every year. It was on Father's Day weekend so that's what we did. They were usually great.
That, and Chicago's never disappoints.
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Chicago has been so-so the past couple years..
I personally have found the Stanford Jazz Festival to be the most fun. I haven't been to Montreal or any of the European ones though, so I'm hardly an effective critic.
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Bump because I'm heading to Montreal this weekend. Any other jazz festivals worth attending? New Orleans? Montreux? Copenhagen? Newport? Monterey?
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My friend was at one on Governer's Island Saturday and Lincoln Center Monday. He has really taken to swing dancing recently and has been talking a lot about it. He has been having fun it seems. I am too much of a bore for them myself. I like the concept, but I don't get satisfaction out of dancing so I feel like lugging myself to any of them would be more of a chore than anything else.
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Really wanted to go to the Fazz Jest in New Orleans this year. The line up looked amazing. I have family that go every year and it just sounds killer.
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If you like Jazz, there's no need to go to JazzFest in NOLA. there's none left. the schedule caters more and more to the dirty hippies every year. It's probably still fun, though I havent been since I moved away in 05 so I can't really say. It has gotten bigger exponentially each year though so overcrowding is a real issue.
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