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Wrangler "Cowboy" jeans

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I just picked up a pair of wrangler "cowboy" jeans for 19.99 at a local store, I think these are the best jeans you can get for under 40-50 bucks, they are very dark, very stiff(like levis rigid denim), possible one wash or dry? And they are slim fitting, I picked up original fit, which are nice and tight, low rise, and slim and straitish through the leg, and there is a slim fit version, which is tighter.

Has anyone else tried these jeans?
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13MWZ. They're bootcut, not straight leg. They are cowboy jeans, after all Hence the plastic back patch that won't stick to your saddle and the rounded back-pocket rivets that keep you from scratching a chair too badly. They're as classic a pair of jeans as Levi's STF 501s, although there's a slightly different aesthetic they fit into. I prefer the cut of 501s and certainly the darker indigo. Wranglers are substantially lighter in hue. But they're nothing to scoff at and I'd definitely agree that they're great jeans, especially at that price.
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Right but are they selvedge??
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Felled seams, yo!
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yes there are stlightly bootcut, but its not really noticeable like on most bootcut pants, its quite mild, and the ones i picked up are quite dark. Nothing amazing, but for 19.99, how can you complain?
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A pair of 13MWZ will be my next pair of jeans as well. I screwed up my STF's and want to try the cheap denim game again. These should fit the bill.
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13MWZs are the shit. Incredibly hard to break, yet they feel fairly light and move with you well. I also like the higher back pockets, designer for saddle use, which are more comfy when you have to sit for some time.
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who needs cowboy jeans when you have pigboy jeans? hahaha.
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although cmf's said that they don't look so healthy after a wash...
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The key to Wranglers is you must buy them 2-inches longer than your regular inseam, so they will "stack" properly on your boots.

That is, assuming you plan to wear them with cowboy boots
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I like the cowboy cut for basic jeans. Can't beat the price of the unwashed or rigid finish. They do fade to a light blue but they start pretty dark. IMO they are more of a tapered leg and not what I consider a boot cut (the bottom hem is smaller than the knee circumference) - but this may be more apparent in larger waist sizes like 34 or 36. They are sanforized so they typically shrink less than an inch in the waist and maybe a full inch in the length.
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Wranglers work great with or without boots. While most bootcut jeans seem to flare almost like bellbottoms, Wrangler claims their jean is designed to fit over boots, which they do even though the leg isn't wide. The only thing I don't like is the plastic tag on the back pocket, which I always cut off . Regardless, these jeans look great whether you're wearing tall boots or sneakers.
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hi guys.

the drawbacks to the 13mwz is the color, it's a very light blue which doesn't look good until they are super worn-in.

for a cheap good jean, i love the rustler rigid indigo. very tough denim, very dark and creases beautifully. you can find them at kmart or walmart for $10. they don't have rivets, but you can go to your local rivetter and have them put in (if you can't live without rivets).

i like the 13mwz for historical reasons, but i think the rustler rigid looks better. i would take the 13mwz over the levi STF. just my 2 cents.
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For bargain jeans I think that Walmart and Costco both beat Wrangler in price and quality. Otherwise, go Saks and/or NM for their sales jeans which are now under $100.
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