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"Regain" brogues, approx size 12E (worn)

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I have a beautiful pair of shoes, made by "Regain", that i bought in New York in the early 90's. Before I ebay them I was hoping someone from the forum would be interested. My style does not include wingtips very often (hence the low wear), and my feet have gotten a little bit larger since I purchased them, and so the fit is a bit tight.

I've worn them about two dozen times. Of course, they have never been resoled, and the little heel wear you see is from me.

The leather is an antiqued calf, on the box it says "Old Calf". Also on the box, it says the size is 11 1/2 and the last is "6037". But these definitely are *not* an American size 11.5: in my very best estimation, and comparing with my other shoes (Alden, Allen Edmonds) they are size 12E. They are goodyear welted. They have never seen rain, snow, slush, or bad weather of any kind, and have always had shoe trees in them.


outside length (includes sole) 12 3/4"
outside width at ball of foot) (include sole) 4 11/16"
length (not including extended sole edge) 12 5/16"
width (not including extended sole edge) 4 1/4"

distance, at ball of foot, from where upper meets sole on one side,
over the top, to where the upper meets on the other sole (measured
using a soft cloth tapemeasure: 7 1/8"

They are 5-eyelet wingtip bluchers, with heavy brouging, double sole, extended sole edge, and reverse ("fudge") welt. The soles are all leather except the heel, which is "combination", i.e. leather with the aft portion made of hard rubber.

The leather is in fine shape: there are a few nicks, but they are basically not noticable at all when worn. The front of the right toe has the biggest nick, which you can see in the images, but I promise you will not notice it once you have them on: the brouging and antiqueing pretty much hide everything.

The leather is a little dry but in no way damaged: I suggest a good cleaning and polishing when you get them. I always used neuteral polish on them.

In original box, with one large shoe bag that holds both shoes. Does NOT include shoe trees.

$60 + actual shipping cost (about $7). If no one wants them they'll probably go to ebay.

Returns: yes, you can return them, but you pay shipping, and I won't refund the shipping to you unless you feel I've misrepresented them.

Thanks for your interest!

p.s. "Regain" is an excellent Italian manufacturer, the have a website "www.regain.it".

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Do you have a picture of the soles? I'm interested but I'm just trying to determine whether or not that are too wide... how are you measuring the outside width of 4 11/16"?
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[Weird, I replied to this earlier, and it seemed to show up, but now I see the reply is gone. OK, trying again...]

Here is a photo of the soles, and a photo of the approximate places I took the measurements from. Thanks & Regards, M

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Wow, great customer service *breaks out the measuring tape* - I'll get back to you
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And I'm changing my terms: I will pay shipping to you ("you" here being whoever buys these!). If you decide to return them (which must be within 2 days of receiving them), you only have to pay the return shipping.

In other words, we split the total, round trip shipping in the event that they don't fit.

This being the SF and all...
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