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Woodbury commons

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I was thinking about taking a ride up there and was wondering if anyone has ever shopped there? and this time of year do they have spring stuff out or is it still leftovers from winter
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Leonard: I was there just before Christmas, and they had great sales. Woodbury is the best outlet mall I've been to, and I've been to them all except the one in Cabazon, CA that's run by the same company. And they may be having another big sale for Easter. web site is, but you probably alrady know that.
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I've been there many times and have had the same experience whenever I go...
It's a large open mall, so be prepared to do alot of walking. Also, it really is only worth going when they have sales (can't help you on that, sorry!) as all the designer stuff is pretty pricey without them. Though, of course, when there are sales you'll have a billion other people willing to forfeit their lives for a bargain and beating you to all the good merchandise. Or you could try your luck and go whenever you want.
Either way the area is nice as it's far enough in the mountains to be nearby outdoor nature stuff (if you're interested in that) so your day doesn't have to be completely ruined if you don't buy anything.

Enjoy and good luck!
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when will the madness end
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I do hope that Leonard has stuck around the last 7 years since his single post to get this helpful answer from umbrellaboy!
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