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Summer shoes

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I was wondering what you guys use for summer casual shoes. Today, for example, I wore to the office some cream chinos, a navy RLPL T-shirt and these wonderful Ferragamo boat shoes that I love. The problem is after the Ferragamos I have nothing for summer wear with chinos and such on those casual Fridays. I will pick up some bucks sometime, but they seem a bit limited, no?

Any other ideas?
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White bucks/suedes.

Right now Brooks has some sweet Peale's on sale- brogued derbys.
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Spectators and my new Gordon Rush suede ankle boots.
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Updating this: I mentioned in another thread that I was really attracted to some carmel suede bluchers by C&J for Brooks (Peal). I was wondering: Are caramel suede bluchers considered summer wear? If they were tan they would look like bucks.

i got 3 days to pull the trigger on this and am considering it. I tried them on with chinos and with a pair of cream colored cotton-linen blend trousers from RLPL, and they looked great with both.
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Summer shoes - light coloured loafers. Personally, I have a rather idiosyncratic fondness for very light coloured suede loafers in summer.

Other choices - woven leather, esp. if combined with smooth leather captoes, heel, etc. Almost a "stealth-spectator" shoe. Looks quite relaxed and summery. I know Ferragamo does this style since I own a pair, but have seen it from other makers too, such as AE.
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I wear these brown leather weave pattern shoes with my summer outfits:
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How about a pair of brown penny loafers? Either in leather or suede.
Tod's and Bally have nice ones. I'm thinking of getting one.
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