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3 new pairs of Jeans

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Hi... I'm new to the website and I've been looking around but haven't found anything specific to what info I'm looking for.

I recently bought 3 new pairs of jeans. All dark washes, and I want to keep them that way for now. I'm not worried about the fading or being worn in (but I don't want them to be new forever).

However, they are all too long. I've always got my pants hemmed at a tailors (they do this eurohem where they put the distressed part on the bottom back on and it never looks lik ethey were altered at all.)

But since reading here, I realize I should wear 'em quite a bit before washing them. But I need to wash them first before hemming to make sure the hem length is appropriate.

Should I wash and dry (air dry or dryer dry?) first before hemming, and then wear them alot before washing again?
Or should I just deal for the next few months and cuff'em before washing? Will that one wash and dry in the beginnign make a huge difference?
If I wash 'em - what should I do to get maximum shrinkage with the least amount of color loss.

THis is the first time I've actually looked into what to do with my jeans before just wearing them or throwing them in the laundry. Any suggestions would be great.
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Well, if they're washed then you don't have to worry about them shrinking. There's a difference between dark and raw. What brands are they? Most likely they're washed.
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They are not brand name jeans. (one from Gap and 2 from a jean store called Warehouse One). THey are all super dark though. I was told at the store they would shrink. I was stressed to that they would shrink and to hem them (if I was going to) after they've been washed. But now I don't want to wash them. I want to wear them.
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Quick response: wash em. It won't hurt them.
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