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there you go.
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I stopped checking the internet during my week in Montréal, so I didn't read some of the recs on time, but thank you. I should have started the thread earlier.

I found a Sarah Pacini skirt a Ogilvy (50% off), the matching jacket at the Sarah Pacini store on Peel. Several pieces of jewelry at the marché Bonsecours (Meto), also had to get a Merde il pleut umbrella. Visited Holt, great sales, but was unwilling to spend over 2000 dollars on the one dress I liked, very tempted by some Etro men's belt at 50% off. Fun second hand stores on St Laurent, loved, as always, the used bookstores on St Denis. Found a little something for my husband at that L'Uomo store on Peel, great service, by the way, good conversation about the world cup. A few other insignificant items here and there, DVDs, etc.

To all of you Canadians: Congratulations on an awsome city!
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