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Bonjour Montréal

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I'll be in Montréal next week, with some time on my hands for shopping purposes. I usually stay pretty much along Ste-Catherine, visiting boutiques and department stores. This time, I plan to visit the Sarah Pacini store on rue Peel, and I'll pay more attention to la rue St-Denis for clothes instead of books. I am wondering if there might be a women's clothing store I don't know of elsewhere, the kind that carries small sizes? Also, I am potentially interested in purchasing a hat for the fall.
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you'll find some nice clothes at Monaco's, in the nicest mall of Montreal that you probably already know on Peel Street ....

Best regards.


Chui Snob,

Chui infesté par ce microbe
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for completing Vian.

You mean Club Monaco? I think I remember going there (clothing mostly white, that time), but the sizes were, alas, too big. Worth another try, perhaps, if they have altered their sizing system.
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Yes CLUB Monaco...It is !

Il y a du coca,
je deteste ça,
personne fait plus ça
je vais boire du whisky à gogo...

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Club Monaco is nothing special, but the boutique stores in the mini-mall where it is located on Peel, called Cours Mont Royal, are good.
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Cours Mont Royal, yes, I have been there. Not as bustling as La Baie, naturally, feels a little dead in contrast.

Nobody has anything else?
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Club Monaco is like Benneton... very generic clothing, skip it totally.

Go to Holt Renfrew (just a bit west of the Ritz) for women's clothing, then go to Ogilvy's on De La Montagne.

St. Catherine is filthy, but you'll probably be able to find some decent places. I know that my mother found one shoe store selling fairly high end shoes, and she got two pairs of beautiful alligator shoes for a fairly sizeable discount.
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I agree - Ogilvy's is my favourite department store in Canada. Take a look at their website for a good idea of the merchandise:


Even better, it looks like their clearance sale is now on.
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I'm jealous, Fabienne. Montréal is my place of birth.
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I haven't been in more than a decade but the Chabanel area can be interesting.

More info here:
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It wouldn't be a trip to Monteal without a trip to SuperSex.
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
It wouldn't be a trip to Monteal without a trip to SuperSex.

No person who has lived here more than 5 minutes understands where this stereotype comes from. It is know as being the worst place to go in this city... for strippers, for anything. They love to treat people horribly, if you're American the bouncers are literally just waiting for you to say something wrong and they'll throw you down the stairs. If you really want to go to a strip club, there are like 10 places far better than super sex.

I'm guessing it's just hte named of the club?
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Try Mona Moore for some gorgeous shoes:


Holt/Ogilvy/cours mont-royal for high end boutiques, most have sales right now so you could get something like 40% at Holt.

You might like Simons on St-Catherine, walking distance from Ogilvy, Holts, Mona Moore and Cours mont-Royal

St-denis for more bohemians offerings (try Dubuc for small sizes and various other small venues for vintage/ethnic clothing stores). You can shop all-around the st-denis/Mont-Royal axis for CDs/books/Clothes, some nice places to eat out too.

St-Laurent has plenty of boutiques to offer, as for St-Denis it's all about walking into random stores and trying stuff on.

Andy The-Ânh is an interesting local designer of Womenswear.

Chabanel is more about factory outlets and you'll have a better experience if you know what you're doing and what you're looking for, which might not be the case when traveling.

I'll add some more later if you tell me what you're looking for, very tired right now....
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
It wouldn't be a trip to Monteal without a trip to SuperSex.

Supersexe, it's the last letter that makes it classy
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What's Supersex(e)?
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