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I already have a few PMs about it so note your interest if you want - I'm taking some pictures of it tonight and will provide any information I can tomorrow.

It was sold to me as "original." Whether that means its actually original or not, I have no idea - it could be a re-issue, but I have no way of verifying that. I figure there should be enough people ITT who are knowledgeable about such things. Again, as far as the working condition goes, I'm not sure - I don't have an electric or an amp anymore so I have no way of checking. It did work several years ago though, and hasn't sustained any physical damage since then - just collecting dust. Just want people to know so they don't think I'm misrepresenting myself or shilling damaged goods.
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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

this has me VERY tempted.

If it is actually an oldie, you're gonna have to fight me to it smile.gif
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Originally Posted by dopeitsjosh View Post

Yea my girlfriend has an acoustic which I plan on using to learn on

My advice for learning is to learn some standard chord shapes (A, G, D, C, E, Am, Em - you can find plenty of youtube videos showing you how to make the shapes) and then get comfortable switching between them quickly. The best way to do that is to find easy songs that feature these chords, and the truth is that most rock and pop music only really use these chords, so go on and look up the chords for a song you like that isn't steve vai or something really complicated sounding and play along until you can strum with the song. Then learn a few more songs. The trickiest bit is switching between chords, but just keep at it until you're comfortable. Then move onto barre chords.
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I did a little digging around online and it looks to be an original - although I had no idea that there were so many versions of the Big Muff. Apologies for the poor photography:

Based on, I'm pretty sure I have a V4 or V5 original with post-1978 pots, if that means anything to anyone. I can take a few more shots of the unit if anyone wants.
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Just bought a guitar. 2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Just bought a guitar. 2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue.

Did you trade in your Standard for it?

I also bought a guitar, but will wait for my luthier to look at it before bringing it up so as not to jinx it before I know all is well.

In addition, I finally managed to get rid of my 2001 LP Standard in a trade for a '78 Blonde Strat.
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Trade + cash
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Braz rosewood LP?
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It's a custom, so it has an ebony fretboard. It is also unchambered and not weight relieved like all Gibsons after about 1976. Has a long neck tenon as well.
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Are you planning on swapping out the pickups with those custom ones you ordered?
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Yep. Changing the bridge, tailpiece, bridge studs, and tailpiece studs too. That stuff stock is pretty awful.
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So, I just bought a 1958 Strat and I'm deciding if I should keep it or not. Plenty of issues (good black nitro refin, swapped tuners, refret, swapped pickups, so price was insanely low), all of which are fine, except for one issue I didn't know about when buying - the truss rod is loose. Neck is perfectly straight, and since it is so old the likelihood of a backbow is quite low, but you never know, so it is a gamble.

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i have no advice. But 1: pics. And 2: if you decide to sell (or trade), shoot me a quick note. My father likes tinkering around with these things.
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Gome, if I get rid of it it will be going straight back to Guitar Center (but if you want I'm happy to tell you which so you can get it from them), I'm just deciding whether to keep it or not.

Crappy pic:

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That's a beaut, but truss rod issues are always somewhat frightening. Not a lot you can do if something goes wrong.
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