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Originally Posted by willpower View Post


Not bad, some accurate song renditions to jam with

Cool! Thanks!
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I just walked around in Guitar Center. It has been ages since I walked in one and I forgot how overwhelming it is. Not only for the gear, but also everybody in there sizing you up.
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Crosspost since I have no idea if this is the right thread or the other one is. Do you guys think this is a good deal for a complete newb?

Hey guys, how's this for somebody who's never never picked up a guitar before. Good deal?:


For $129, you get a right-handed Fender Starcaster Strat Pack (a $329.99 value) from Austin Bazaar. Choose one color from the following options:
Fiesta Red
Three-tone Sunburst

Click here to see a video.

Each Fender Strat Pack is bundled with everything you need to start rockin', including:
One right-handed Fender Starcaster Start Electric Guitar (in one of four colors)
Fender mini deluxe amplifier
Fender padded gig bag
10-foot Signal Flex instrument cable
Black Fort Bryan Zinger strap
12 Fender 351 classic/premium picks (medium thickness)
Cherub WST-550G tuner

Shipping is included
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^ For $129? When I started playing I got that exact same set. I think the Squier Strat alone could be priced for $129. Needless to say I paid at least $300... For a COMPLETE noob it'll have everything you need. I've always been one to say buy a mid-level guitar so when you get better you won't need to upgrade so soon. That's prob terrible advice though because a mid-level guitar wouldn't come with all that stuff you need and if you don't commit then you just wasted that much more money. In my case, I got that Strat set, played it for a month then stashed it in a closet for years until I tried again and stuck to it.

I'm sure there are some other decent starter sets out there, but for $129 I don't think you can go wrong. As a beginner you won't care about the technical stuff like wood/construction. If you DO stick to guitar though... prepare to become addicted to buying more guitars icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

^ I am literally in awe. Which pedals do you own, Pocketsquare? I'm sure your collection is drool-worthy.

I have a diamond overdrive, a neat pedal, has a clean boost as well. but, I prefer the lovepedal. actually trying the sell the diamond as I have too much crap now.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

How about a Tube Driver? Maybe you can find a used one? http://www.butleraudio.com/tubedriver.php

that looks awesome.
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Check out the catalog of the upcoming auction at Christies for Richard Gere's guitar collection. Lots of cool stuff including an original flying V.

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dude has some serious fucking gear.
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The prices are very low compared to a few years ago. The vintage market has really taken a hit.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

The prices are very low compared to a few years ago. The vintage market has really taken a hit.

it's funny even the non-vintage american made stuff is flooding craigslist. american strats for $500-600. I'm looking for a tele now. Just got my Gibson Marauder back from being refretted (took the dude a solid month, he said he was building guitars for aerosmith and social D) but man, forgot how great gibsons are because I've been playing my jazzmasters recently. I'm glad the vintage market finally realized that it was all bogus the inflated prices! buyers market now!
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I picked up a 1976 all orginal princeton reverb a few months back. $600.

guy said it was in storage for 30 years which I don't doubt, there were beans on the floor of this thing.

thing sounds amazing now, want to keep it as much stock as possible.
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How the heck did it get beans in it? Very nice amp and a good score!
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Princeton Reverbs are some of my favorites. That was Santana's secret, a hot rodded Princeton that later became Boogie Amps.
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I had a conversation with a major NE vintage guitar dealer last night for about an hour. He said vintage amps have really dropped because UPS and FedEx raised their shipping costs so much. He said there is no amp demand from Europe or Japan any more. This may be a good time to buy that vintage tweed Fender that you have always wanted.....
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Does anybody here have any experience with Gibson pickups? I have been going OCD and crazy over the past few days. In 2001 I bought a Les Paul new and it has the 490R & 498T pickups in the neck and bridge positions, respectively. I haven't looked at new Les Pauls in ages and I see now they have Burstbuckers 1, 2, 3 and Burstbucker Pro. I understand the difference in the mechanics of all of these. Burstbucker 1, 2, and 3 are all unpotted like the original PAF's and all have alnico 2 magnets. The unmatched winding are supposed to simulate the originals and the 1,2,3 are for output. The Pro essentially is the same thing as 1, or 2 depending on the neck, or bridge position but wax potted and a hotter alnico 5 magnet.

Here is the issue, I have never had an issue with my pickups, however I am thinking could I possibly make my guitar sound "better" by getting these newer more loved pick-ups? The only difference between the pickups that I have and the pros are matched more windings. Am I just being a nutjob?
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