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I've used a new Vox Cambridge. Doesn't sound bad actually, but very unreliable.

By the way, a Champ is still pretty fucking loud, it seems.
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My solution to the at home playing/recording thing was getting an Axe-fx II. Obviously it's a lot of money but I've had mine for almost 2 years and haven't regretted it once. It honestly sounds just as good if not better recorded than the real thing.

As for playing out, I usually just bring a small combo like a Tophat Club Royale and pedal board to gigs. It doesn't necessarily sound better than the Axe-fx but it's a bit more convenient.
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I can safely say that I will never get axe-fx. I'm just too much of an asshole snob. But it's cool to know it works - I bet it does sound great.
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I'm too much of a purist for any such thing. I remember when I was a teenager all the kids were drooling over those Johnson modeling amps or something. Even then I thought they were a bunch of twats.
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for recording purposes, I've always thought the modeling stuff was fine, especially when you can direct in. Anything Axe-fx will be of much higher quality than anything Johnson or Line6.

in the gigs, all of the modeling amps I've played while on a clean setting just haven't been able to cut through drums and bass like a tube amp can. Distortion was ok. The biggest workaround was to direct in to the PA system, but that's not always an option, and IMO it's kind of lame.
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new tubes and a rebias for the 800 tonight. i shall report back when I play it (around Christmas time)
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cancel that on the 800. Father popped the back and it has Drake transformers and new JJ tubes. Nice.
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Eventually I'll get some RCA Blackplate 6l6's for the Two Rock... until then the JJ's are working pretty well - good tubes.
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Is it bad that I want more Tweed amps now?
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Originally Posted by origenesprit View Post

Is it bad that I want more Tweed amps now?

it's perfectly normal. A Fender Bassman is a thing of beauty.

one of the amp i most regret selling/trading.
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I'm holding out for a low power twin.
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i also had the 85 watt Twin. Too much power, I'd do a Princeton reverb at 15 watts instead.

if I had the room, I'd get the '65 Princeton down here in an instant.

I need a bigger apartment.
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I've never bonded with a blackface or silverface twin, either - too much power as you say. But I bet a tweed twin, especially the lower power model, is perfect. Too bad they cost $12,000.

I played a really nice brownface Princeton that sounded great, though I preferred the twice as expensive Tweed Pro that was sitting next to it.
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they have one of these at a music store in Piob's town. I think he should buy it because why delay the inevitable instance that is a Fender amp acquisition

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Yeah. I agree!

Ambience loves shimmering, Fender cleans!
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