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But you'll know that if you want to play it's there. That's comforting knowledge to have.
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Yeah...along with a couple of other instruments I have...
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Pio, do you have a Mac? Get some kind of Firewire soundcard, and you can plug directly into Garageband, which comes with a bunch of amp modelling and pedal modelling. It isn't amazing but it is ok and is super cheap, and you can record yourself.
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Don't get Pio started on Apple...
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Really jonesing for a mid-fifties les paul custom now... They go for crazy cheap, actually.
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Just sayin...

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Really? With that Alnico PU? I never was that impressed by them compared to a standard Gold Top. But, I also like a full bluesy sound when it comes to Gibsons.
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I love that era p90. The bridge is mean as hell.
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This is a 55 Custom...

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YUM, yours?
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No, never owned one. At the height of my collecting days nobody would buy a Les Paul with an Alnico in it.
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Lol, why?
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

What's so funny? She's right. It will just sit there gathering dust.

lol i got boozed up at brunch, saw your post, lulzed heartily, and passed out.

To explain -- at the pinnacle of his career, my dad was the chief executive hotshot, just like you, who made all the big decisions at work. But when it came to home matters, my mom was and is always in the driver's seat with the power to veto anything my dad wants, suggest, or decides upon. And veto many a decision she did/does! She's wise beyond her years and she knows it, my dad knows it, we all know it. So he always defers to her peacefully and gracefully because, well, business decision-making logic doesn't always apply at the home. It also did wonders for tempering his big ego, if I must say.

But yeah, just found it endearing as it reminded me of my parents. Anyway, carry on with your conversation, gents. Sorry to interrupt.
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^He must have done something really fucked up if that was the pinnacle and you didn't get hired at the company by him.

Also, brunch is for tools.
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Nah, he retired before I graduated from college and all he does is play golf. Besides, I never wanted to work in his industry, nor would I ever. And finally, I'd never want to work in Korea -- fuck that.

Brunch in and of itself is not for tools. Brunch every single weekend is for tools.
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