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My laces fray and break very rapidly in these shoes compared to my other pairs, all of which have metal eyelets. This makes physical sense to me, as the smooth inner surface of a metal eyelet is bound to place a smaller frictional load on the lace than a rougher leather hole.

Sometimes it depends on what is used to back or reinforce the facings. Also, depending on the laces you use, metal eyelets can get a hole worn in them and actually fray laces much faster than leather ever will.

A lot has been said in this thread about how eyelets cannot be removed. That's news to's not easy (although I think I recall seeing a tool to make it easy)...I guess when you don't know something can't be done, anything is possible. In any case, I have removed more than a few...without a drill bit...mostly in the process of replacing ones that were worn through.

The real issue is what does the leather look like underneath and has it been damaged in the setting process? A lot of those eyelets are intended to split along the rim of the flange as it is rolled over the leather (some "rolets" resist splitting) and since the metal of the eyelet is thin, it will often cut into the leather.

AFAIK, "blind"" eyelets cannot be mounted after the shoe is made.