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denim with denim?!

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Hey yall.
Been lurking for some time and it's time for my first post.

Recently, I've been lusting for a sugarcane denim shirt. Only problem is I'm not confident about wearing a denim shirt with denim jeans. What's your opinion on this? Is there such a thing as too much denim? What do you think?

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it can be done, but you have to have balls the size of grapefruit to do it.
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Texas Tuxedo?
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+ Denim Jacket and CheapMuthaFukr's Raw Selvedge denim slip-ons
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you mean my texas opera slippers?
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Denim gloves.
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Here is one thread, and another thread which cover the topic already. I would suggest not mentioning anything about wearing denim on a motorcycle!
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Someone pulled off the look either here or the other SF. I think it was a Nudie shirt and he was firing a rifle...
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now i dont wear the shoes with the jacket, but i dont think denim on denim is too bad.
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