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Shoe Damage Report & Shoe P0rn Central - Part II - Page 167

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Originally Posted by Animal Thug View Post
So that's a rubber sole?

yes, very sleek sole though.
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Interesting commentary, Michael.
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Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 View Post
I wanted a very dark brown calf leather.
Cleverley & Fosters refer to it as black coffee leather...G&G calls it Espresso

I wanted a plain front...no design, but I desired some brogueing/ornamentation on the topline, strap and the front vamp of the shoe

Clifford completed the design as requested and based on the pics I sent for guidance

Fit: Out of the box, it fits better than any monk I have worn by C&J, EG, and G&G. Since it is a Springline bespoke last, it tackles my high instep well, so that I do not notice it...in the past, I had to loosen the monk strap by one level to relieve the pressure on my instep...but this caused some of my shoes to be a bit loose (and not to my liking). As to fit in the toe box, it is roomier than my other monks...& I love it

Granted, I have worn this shoe for a few hours, but the fit is better. Is it phenomenally better...no. But it is a noticeable improvement over my other monks in terms of fit

The front last shape came out as I desired...although I might consider Springline to make me another last which is a bit pointier, longer and more chiseled.

I paid an extra 60 pounds for "bespoke" quality leather. It is an improvement over the black calf used on my first commission with him. I will continue to pay & request for the bespoke premium leather as it looks better.

Yes, I am ordering more shoes from Clifford...Winston Churchill faux laces

Will I solely be ordering ONLY from Clifford...no. I still like the RTW G&G TG73 last's shape and the quality of shoe from them too. But now I can have Clifford make some personal designs...for about 500 pounds (includes shipping and bespoke shoe trees)

It's not going to make much of a different if you don't get some trees in there, buddy!
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Patrick...the trees are on their way

Sorry Animal Thug, its a bespoke last...the creases just add character...although once I put the shoe trees in...perhaps the creases will adapt

Am wearing the shoes today...love them
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Originally Posted by Animal Thug View Post
'tis what matters. Enjoy them!

True Dat!!!!
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I'll post my Sutor suede chukkas, since Ed did. I also just made some modifications to these. They were snuff suede with very light colored contrast norwegian stitching. That contrast stitching always bugged me and I always thought I'd get it dyed when I got these resoled. But after three years of heavy wear, the soles are barely worn, so I had them dyed now. I went dark brown all over because I was dubious that the cobbler would be able to match the snuff. I prefer dark brown anyway. I also had them trim the sole edges down a bit as they had an overly beefy overhang. Kinda feels like I got a new pair of shoes. On a side note, some of you probably remember by cobbler disaster with the damaged monk shoes. I used Willie's in LA for that poor repair. I took these to Pasquales, who I was annoyed with for putting a off brand heel on another shoe that wore down fast, but I shouldn't have strayed from them as they really do pretty nice work. Also, the dye job is perfect and completely uniform - no way anyone would believe it wasn't original. Any discoloration is from dust I picked up during the day.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

thats too kind.

i like them, cause they don't have "this" schoolboy vibe...
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Originally Posted by brax View Post
Here are the Rider Boot Company all in cordovan.
From left to right: #6, dark cognac, mahogony

Love the different shades of cordovan Rider Boot carries.

Gonna have to get myself a pair of chukkas from Ron in the near future.
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havent had a chance to post these till now:
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Noice? Whoddat?
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I am guessing Italian RLPL.
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

That is amazing. I am trying to figure out how to turn a dark welt and sole edge into natural ones. Can your guy do that?
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Found these Down Under:

These shoes seem to have the crust leather antiqueing like my Grenson Masterpieces.
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Those are beautiful. The creases almost look like shell. I miss Masterpieces.
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