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Capsule Las Vegas FW10/11

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Capsule Las Vegas, Feb 16-17 2010. by Albert Thomas Somewhere between Baker, CA and Calico, CA. No, the Styleforum team didn't get enough of Capsule in the Big Apple back in January. Or maybe they had but preferred to leave the Criss Angel-fueled, Thai karaoke/massage-inspired, "Leaving Las Vegas"-style partying to one man that could handle it all in stride and come out in one piece. Unfortunately, kitonbrioni was away on business, so instead they sent me. A room for less than the cost of the bottle of Woodford Reserve from the night before. As I passed by The Peppermill that recalled my hangover that morning, the walk to the Venetian gave me time to go over the list of brands to focus on. The trick in the past had been to line up forum favorites along with a healthy addition of up-and-coming brands; with 150+ labels showing, the game plan had been to pick around twenty or thirty with the point of highlighting the meatier stories. Believe it or not, not every brand was open to talking to or being photographed by a forum of its customers, but meetings with a few enthusiastic designers (Ken Chow of Krane, Joel K of KZO, and Nicholas K to name a few) have more than made past trips worthwhile. Outside the Palazzo/Venetian for Capsule. "Year of the Tiger" the Vegas way. This was my fourth time at Capsule, still, I was genuinely looking forward to interacting with such a variety of brands breathing the same recycled ballroom air. The trendy modern furniture, hipster dj tunes, and commemorative necklaces, although, lent a hand to a cooler-than-thou atmosphere without being overly unwelcoming, sort of like if Urban Outfitters had a secret makeshift clubhouse. It's not so much of a dig as it is a general observation. Really, it can be rather fun. The center of the Beast. The closest Chrono will get to see Henrik Vibskov. Thorocraft stays hydrated in the desert. I hope you enjoy the modest effort of this one-man show. While I'll soon be starting a few skeleton threads in a preview format, the SF editors will be working on some fantastic contributions such as Q&As with designers such as Simon Spurr, Wrath Arcane, and Mr. Olive in the near future. Stay tuned.
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whoa, I stayed at that cheap hotel you're talking about. In Santa Monica right near the beach?
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look forward to it
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Is anyone from the Forum covering Capsule S/S 2012?
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n v m
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