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Originally Posted by shootspeed View Post
I am one of those people, but mainly because I prefer having a nice clean first and foremost. One thing to consider is if your amp can be pushed into overdrive with the volume maxed and the tubes cooking. You can get a nice distortion tone if you use your distortion/overdrive pedal as more of a volume boost with the distortion on the low side and volume maxed (with your amp's volume set on the edge of clean) to push the amp into natural overdrive.

Some days I would love to be in a band where I could strip my rig down to a 335-type guitar, tube screamer, and a vintage Deluxe Reverb. That is tone heaven!! But in my current situation, for both volume and versatility reasons, I play through a 4 channel amp with both pedals and rack effects.

Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post
this is true, clean is always more important than dirty.

Depends....if you play more clean or more dirty! I don't think you should have to to compromise on either.
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Went and played with the Vox 50 watt and the LP studio in wine red.

Loved 'em both.

Is it standard for the studio to be "chambered" and less heavy?
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Is it standard for the studio to be "chambered" and less heavy?

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Double post.
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Originally Posted by willpower View Post

Thanks. Good thread to read.
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Hey guys, how's this for somebody who's never never picked up a guitar before. Good deal?:


For $129, you get a right-handed Fender Starcaster Strat Pack (a $329.99 value) from Austin Bazaar. Choose one color from the following options:
Fiesta Red
Three-tone Sunburst

Click here to see a video.

Each Fender Strat Pack is bundled with everything you need to start rockin', including:
One right-handed Fender Starcaster Start Electric Guitar (in one of four colors)
Fender mini deluxe amplifier
Fender padded gig bag
10-foot Signal Flex instrument cable
Black Fort Bryan Zinger strap
12 Fender 351 classic/premium picks (medium thickness)
Cherub WST-550G tuner

Shipping is included
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yeah, not bad to get started.
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Rambo, when I first started, an acquaintance of mine told me to start with an acoustic first, and I think it was good advice. Your hands will work harder with an acoustic, which is helpful for later switching to electric. Just something to consider.
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