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Mens watch

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Hello everyone, I've recently graduated from college and am in the market for a new watch. I'm looking for a tank style watch within 100 - 400 dollars, preferably with a croc strap band. I've seen a few from Burberry that I like, as well as some from Michelle Watch company. I dont want it to be too loud or too conservative, but something in the happy middle. Do any of you have additional suggestions, or is there a particular place online that you'd recommend for shopping for watches?
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I'm not sure if you're looking for an automatic watch or a quartz, but if it's the former, Oris offers very good value at that price point.  Check out this model and this one.  Good web sites include Bernard Watch and the Watch Seller.  Good luck.
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Ashford check out the above link for a very wide selection of watches. -Tom
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i'm not sure if they offer crocodile straps, but in that price range (which is the most i'd be willing to spend on a watch), i like the brand "tissot." thay are swiss made and have some very handsome styles.
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