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Well, that's kind of what I mean: it's obviously very affected & ridiculous but it looks wonderful and from what I skimread on the original post, he's a jazz musician so it's probably perfectly appropriate for his role.


Contrast that to the earlier pic with the catalogue model in the grey jacket/waistcoat and white trousers and that was an outfit that's neither over the top enough to be a costume/gimmick that works synergistically with someone's character/role nor practical enough to wear in more normal circumstances (I don't think it's a nice combination even for a garden party or something like that). This sort of echoes the peacock waywrn thread's underlying thesis: if you're going to peacock, go for it and do it wholeheartedly because it can look splendid. Don't try to put a single unusual touch into a normal outfit; it usually comes off as a bit daft and/or needy (prime example: unbuckled monks). This also cycles back to a thread I started a year or so ago about how I disliked the whole idea of using crazy suits with sedate everything-else in order to somehow tone the overall effect down. I don't really think that attitude works at all, and frequently looks like someone is both desperately trying to say something and feels embarrassed by it at the same time.


Go all crazy, or all vaguely normal. biggrin.gif

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It's a nice picture, not sure how it translates in the real world. Hopefully he plays the sax for a living...
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I don't know, the whole thing looks affected to me.


I don't think he'd consider that a negative. It's dandyism, of course it's affected.

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Jeez, Luca needs to stay away from the spray tan booth for a little while.

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Originally Posted by Hampton View Post

Too many drab muted colors of a similar color palette while at the same time too many contrasting textures and patterns, it looks bad.
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Just found this photo of the same outfit. Big difference. Still looks bad, just brighter.
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Jesus...that's awful.
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Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

Something just isn't right with the shoulders- collar pulling away.
Also, shoulders much too padded for my taste.
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Yeah, he must work out . . . I mean, yeah . . . nice fit.

Hampton, are you toning down the color and brightness on the last two photos you posted or are they already like that? Just curious.
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