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I would like to introduce you to my friend ecstacy. I'm sure you will be very happy together.
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A.N.other mid-life crisis IHOMO. Pork a blonde, procure a Porsche (if only to wrap it around a tree - menolike trees) and pop of few of m@ts pills. . . Happy to help and prey have a joyful day.
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Originally Posted by Acéphale View Post
A.N.other mid-life crisis IHOMO.

Pork a blonde, procure a Porsche (if only to wrap it around a tree - menolike trees) and pop of few of m@ts pills. . .

Happy to help and prey have a joyful day.

All is great but I'm 19
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Originally Posted by ozymandias View Post
All is great but I'm 19

20 is the new 40, apparently... not that you may get to see 40 if my diagnosis is correct. . .

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Bang a broad. Simple. Don't ask questions, don't reply to this post and don't bitch about how it's hard to do; just fucking do it. You'll thank me later.
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highs and lows are a part of life. Learn to identify when youre in one of them and deal with it accordingly..
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"˜Hate' should be a synonym for "˜Depression'. Do you hate your life? Do you hate your friends and family? Do you hate people in general? It's an issue if your answer is yes to all or most of these. The more you leave an issue unresolved, the worse it is going to get.

Gym makes you feel good because of the endorphins. It's an empowering activity.
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I'm very similar to you op, whatever that counts for. I think you, like myself, seem to be thinking about things too much, there is a point when you are thinking about something more than it's worth thinking about, where further thinking just gives you a headache. I agree that there are many mediocre aspects of life, but do remember that cynicism broods dissatisfaction, you are destining yourself to unhappiness if you think of life negatively - which stating life as mediocre is, as there are just as many non-mediocre aspects of life as well. You also might be coming into things with high expectations and when they're not met this may disappoint you, I have some friends that expect so much for say going out on the town, that anything short of getting laid leaves them depressed and wanting more - rather than simply enjoying the great atmosphere and conversation. Speaking of which though, getting laid does do wonders for you.
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It takes a 19 year old to bring mental illness to a shoe forum.
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You're the exact opposite of what you claim to be by asking for either pity or praise on the Internet.
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I feel the exact same way. Helping less fortunate people seems to help a little.

Also +1 on getting laid.
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Not sure what the deal is with people attacking the OP, but it's obvious the guy just needs a little reassurance. I can empathize with you since I also feel the same way sometimes. Life does seem mediocre sometimes; being on auto-pilot like you said. The only difference between me and you is that I'm 24 and you're 19. You have so many years to shape yourself and your life before you should even begin to feel like this.

It's also like what another poster said; we tend to give certain things more thought than they deserve. Sometimes things just seem bleak and hopeless but that's just a state of mind. You need to figure out why you are feeling like that and deal with it or else this will continue to be reoccurring. Below is a link of a really good article on dealing with emotions. It's a three part article that I think might help you.

Combine that with a good diet, going to the gym on a regular basis and you'll find that you feel better for the sole reason that you are doing everything in your power to make your life better. There truly is something to be said for giving it your all.

P.S. Getting laid might send you into a state of delusional, ephemeral ecstasy, especially since you are susceptible to it, but it won't solve the underlying problems that are causing your cycles of happiness and depression.
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