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Originally Posted by scnupe7
I couldn't believe that he really wanted to add leather to the beer bottle.

yea, did that ever happen..going to happen...?
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I have to wonder if this show really ends up being a net positive for him in the US. I guess from the standpoint that all publicity is good publicity, it is. But I think this program has also shown us some things that may make one question the OB brand. His vague goal of being as big as Armani, his naivety regarding establishing his brand in the US, his meetings with potential investors...

The thing with Miller is certainly weird. As much as I like MGD and even the occassional High Life, these brands are the brews of working men, not suit-wearing sissies!
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Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan
The thing with Miller is certainly weird. As much as I like MGD and even the occassional High Life, these brands are the brews of working men, not suit-wearing sissies!

My exact thoughts when I saw the ad in GQ in late June/early July.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
yea, did that ever happen..going to happen...?

Not to my knowledge. Miller management has to know that their customers don't give a damn about leather on a beer bottle and that they'd price themselves out of the market.
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Originally Posted by rdawson808
I was also surprised that he seemed disappointed that Macy's was interested. No, they're not NM or Saks, but it is massive exposure. There are Macy's stores everywhere and more are being re-named as Macy's since the big buy-outs.

am reading all this w/o having seen it - also sitting on TiVo! that's really interesting about the Macy's bit - it would've been a huge exposure. but i'm not sure how it would've worked with the price set by his couture line - it would be such a huge gap. were there anyone new commenting on the show this time? am going to watch it tonight.
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While I admire Ozwald and love the show (it gives me much needed insight) I must agree that he doesn't seem to really understand how the American market works. This seems to be typical of a lot of foreign designers who buy into the "American Market as the Holy Grail" version of success. To some extent I see a strong parallel with Boateng and Nigo (BAPE) in how they approach the American market. Both are trying too hard to impress the "regular" American who would NEVER pay that kind of money for the real thing. It's kind of strange to me though since both companies are making a lot of money in other parts of the world. With Boateng though I think he needs to focus on capitalizing on his real American customer (the jet-setting types) and focus his business around their habits. The return will be greater since most of America aspires to be them anyway. It works for Versace, Gucci, and Armani. And their stuff can get just as over the top and "unwearable". And the Miller/Macys association is trully crazy! He loses cool points for that one. It Just makes him look desperate.
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It was a bit unnerving watching Oz try to phone up celebrities to see if they'd be willing to wear his outfit to the oscars. There was a desperation to that particular scene that didnt sit well with me.
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I agree GS. I was uncomfortable watching that scene as well. I fear that this show is tainting my view of OB. The aura of a cool designer is disappearing...

But again, I guess I commend him for allowing access and airing this stuff.
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In his case thats the trade off he gains from doing this show. We get to see him struggle to make it into the US market (including the snubs) and he gets the increased exposure (for better or worse is more than not being known at all I suppose).
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I wonder if Oz is still so enamored over Giorgio Armani, after the comments GA made about savile row...? I'm a bit surprised that Oz admires GA so much, for some reason I thought he wouldnt care for anything that has to do with GA, except for the vast money he makes.
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probably the image factor - it's so big and everywhere, boateng probably wants to generate that kind of buzz about his line across the atlantic over on this side of the ocean - whether or not the clothes will be appealing/affordable enough to be that huge remains to be seen.
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Last nite was the final episode. Overall it was pretty anticlimactic. He finally resolved his "who am I gonna dress at the Oscar's" dilemma when he hooked up with Jaime Foxx hours before the Oscars and the suit he brought fit Foxx even tho it was a size too small. (Foxx wears a 44??? He doesnt seem that big....and you would have thought Oz would bring a suit in every size from 38-44 just in case) They showed an update of what Oz is up to now, basically no stores in US yet, no concrete plans for any, and that he is still "looking for the perfect US partner".

Overall the show was very interesting in seeing some inner workings of Oz's operation and you have to give him some credit for showing certain behaviors that werent flattering to him, but wasnt editted out.

Still, it doesnt look like I am getting my purple palace of goodness any time soon...
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It was quite anticlimactic, but since we all know he hasn't opened in the US yet, I'm not sure what more they could have shown.

I also found the series quite interesting. OB obviously cares about what he does, but it was clear that perhaps he needs to hire more help to run the business so that he can focus on the creative.

Still don't see a Las Vegas store. LA - -yes. NYC -- definitely. And I'm not sure of his obsession with a franchise partner. I know he wants to manage risk, but franchising would seem to require giving up a degree of control, which I can't see OB doing.
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Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan
So I just caught the first episode of "House of Boateng." I thought it was somewhat interesting, and have very mixed feelings.

First, OB lacks a certain charisma on film. He comes off a bit smug, and the numerous shots of him driving around in his Bentley don't help.

The "confrontation" with the model before the V&A show was a bit silly:

Model: "There's no energy or spirit here because there's no food!"
OB: There are sandwiches...
Model: Men don't eat sandwiches!

OB eventually sacks the model before the show begins.

Some of his clothes are really nice. I may not wear a mustard or orange colored suit, but I definitely saw pieces that I could wear.

His wife is quite beautiful too.

Let's see if I warm up to it more with epi 2...
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Dude, if you're trying to conceal the purchase price there's a way to remove those stickers without scraping the piss out of the product tag

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