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Bumpty bump

I just downloaded 5 seasons of this show. I am on season 3.
These situations are the extreme of sad.
Outta sight.
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I forget which episode was in which season, have you gotten to the freeze dried cat corpse episode yet?
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Yes! Unbelievable! 70-something cat corpses in the fridge and freezer and at the bottom where the vegetable crisper is, cat 'liquid'. I almost puked lookin at that episode. Just finished the episode with the Irish ex-military guy who thought everything in his home was a pot of gold and near everything was guy.
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Harvey, that episode is in season 6. I must have been watching a few episodes out of sequence.
Truly horrific.
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Mother of god.
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Season 3 Episode 19 woman hoarding turkeys and chickens, and a man who hoards rabbits...even the guy looks like a rabbit himself. Where do they find these people?
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