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Have you guys seen this show? Really just something else.
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I'd watch it but I'm scared I'd get hooked and get all the episodes on DVD, VHS, and Blu-Ray. And never watch them.
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These people are disgusting. My mom should be on the show. Oh never mind I forgot, 900 Pez dispensers are an investment. I'm trying to do the opposite, getting rid of literally all excess crap.
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Nuts man...finding dead cats under piles of crap in your living room = problem
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He has.
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Originally Posted by Big Pun View Post

I'm trying to do the opposite, getting rid of literally all excess crap.

Don't you have 500+ colognes?
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Paging mr portnoy

on the serious tip, that watch guy is out of his mind

Originally Posted by willpower View Post
Don't you have 500+ colognes?

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I almost made a post on this after catching an episode. Really fascinating stuff... something in these people's brains must just go haywire.
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funniest thing is, I understand it somewhat. I have 30 pairs of shoes, a collection of 300 CDs and 70gb of MP3s, nobody *needs* that. But shit, I force myself to purge once in a while, throw shit away, donate it, sell it on ebay.
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Well these people are more than just collectors, remember that.
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these people have some serious issues. big difference between collecting watches, shoes, etc. opposed to hoarding rotten food.

did any of you guys see the one where the kid collected his dog's hair because he thought if he got rid of it the dog would die. the kid's dad was also an alcoholic and never got rid of his garbage. when they cleaned the house, they got rid of thousands of wine bottles.
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do you have to disclose the mess when the hoarder's house is sold, ie potential mold concerns?
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One of my neighbors (well, she moved now) is a hoarder. Her place was filled, four-feet-deep! There was a little path about a foot wide meandering through rooms. There was a foot-wide space on her bed for her to sleep. The tub/shower was filled to the top with shit. The oven was filled with balled up aluminum foil. Her garage was filled to the rafters.
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These people must have mice/rats.
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It is a very creepy feeling if you've ever unwittingly stumbled into one of these places...

E.L. Doctorow published a fictionalized account of the Collyer Bros. last year entitled "Homer & Langley":
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