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I saw somewhere (i forget where, sorry) that drinking water can actually DECREASE your tone in your abs and some other places. Me, all i drink is water/milk and coffee here and there. Should i cut down the amount of water or is this a mythe?
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From what I understand, Eastern European athletic workouts in the 1980s included a heavy dose of jump squats and workouts using elastic bands to build explosiveness (in addition to a large quantity of steroids, but that's neither here nor there) A lot of these exercise techniques are starting to filter into US olympic training regimens, or so I've heard. I'm not sure about the long term effects of jump squats on your knees, but I know a lot of olympic caliber athletes training with them with weight around 135-175 lb, to good effect.
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sry to go off topic slightly but my health teacher told us "milk is for babies" can some1 tell me if this is a myth? and planks are a good work out we had to do them in football practice.
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Yes that is a myth. It's full of nutrients and has a lot of necessary calcium, and is good for all ages, and is especially necessary for women.
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impulse- water alone will NOT hinder visibility of abs. however, if for some reason your body is retaining lots of water, I suppose drinking more water would not help showing the abs.

about milk being "for babies" I believe that came from arnold schwarzenegger. Many hardcore body builders cut dairy completely from their diets.
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Originally Posted by colin_
Many hardcore body builders cut dairy completely from their diets.

Many are Lactose Intollerant as well.

You'd be surprised on how many who don't like milk, have bodies that can't handle milk.
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Originally Posted by Impulse155
Planks > situps then for getting a 6 pack?

Planks work the transverse abdominis, which will help show a 6 pack if you have a low enough body fat percentage, but they should be only a part of a complete abdominal workout. You must work your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and transverse abdominis.
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