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HS Senior what to wear to graduation party?

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Hi I found this forum from another site, I may be the youngest poster here I dont know. Im going to be a HS senior next year but from the graduation class this year I got invited to a bunch of graduation parties. I'm not sure what to wear though, I would imagine that dress would be formal, but I'm not sure how formal. Wether or not I should wear a suit, ect.

I would ask someone from school, but word travels fast and I wouldnt want to risk that
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Don't worry, you're not the only young buck around here. I'm graduating this year, and the party season has already begun. The vast majority are very casual occassions...most kids are in shorts, flip flops, t-shirt. I rarely wear stuff like that, so I usually end up in chinos and a dress shirt, or pressed khaki shorts and a polo if it's billed as an exclusively outdoor party. Attended one today, and I wore spearmint green Polo RL tissue chino shorts & a light blue cotton/linen shirt with the sleeves rolled to just below the elbow.

For my graduation party (tomorrow), I've kicked it up a notch. Pics will be posted when I take them. Hope this helped.
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Yea it did, I have a good number of polos by Ralph Lauren in stock in my closet which seem to match what you said. However one party is going to be held at a Golf Club which is relativly upscale. I was thinking of a really nice pair of jeans, a new pair of Penguins, and a white dress shirt with grey jacket
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If it's at a golf club I might wear gray slacks or khakis, a traddy shirt (tattersall or striped) and a navy blue blazer. Standard golf club attire.

As for graduation parties at peoples homes, I'd go with jeans and a polo.
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Depends on where it is and whether it's primarily family or peers. I usually just ask the guest of honor what they are wearing, and then go from there.
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I'm picking up a a tie to go with my navy DB (Kiton) for graduation tonight and a nice new white shirt. For some reason I always seem to buy a new tie whenever I have something important coming up. I think it's pretty cool how you can always remember the occassion when you put the tie back on.

Other than that I'm going for the whole DJ for the ball. Parties at people's homes tend to be relaxed (chinos and polo- much like connemara).
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