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Color Contacts

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Hey, y'all. My glasses were recently eaten by a dog, and I needed to get new glasses quickly. Then I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to get contacts, which I had been meaning to switch to. (I have worn them in the past and had no problems)
Then I thought to myself, "Oooh, what about colored contacts?" I currently have medium-dark blue eyes, and was thinking about getting ones to make them more vibrantly blue.

So what are SFers' thoughts on colored contacts? Any info or advice would be appreciated.


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They look tacky/dorky, but then so do your gun photos... So, who knows!
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If you are moving to a new 'hood and noone knows your true eye color.......then it would still look tacky. Stick with what you have unless you are filming a music video!
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They always look fake.
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Well, I was hoping I would be directed to natural looking ones or told simply that none exist. Apparently inquiring warrants being told I'm a tacky douche. Woe is me who has such thoughts. Thanks, Stylin.
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They look horrendously fake and like you're trying too hard to be something you aren't. You're lucky to have blue eyes, period. Be happy with em, eh?
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I was wondering recently if they make light-reducing contacts, like sunglasses that you can wear all the time. I have large pupils and the light in most buildings irritates my eyes.
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Op, I think it depends on your orientation. If you're gay, getting colored contacts is a great idea. If you're straight, what the fuck are you thinking?
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They always look fake.
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i've had color contacts for over 10 years, love em.
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I'd say that small tint changes, or going from lighter to darker generally works - anything else usually looks fake - mostly because of the way the color is on the surface and the pupil is fixed - you end up looking a bit stoned. If your eyes are blue and you are trying to go for brighter blue - you might be able to "nudge" it a bit, but keeping them looking real is less likely.
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Originally Posted by christinedaae View Post
i've had color contacts for over 10 years, love em.
Turns out the question is moot. My pupils are too large.
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colored contacts are stupid. stupid....
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Problem with color contacts is they really limit the amount of oxygen your eyes get. My eyes used to get really red and it negated from the effect the color contacts used to give. I stopped wearing them a while ago.
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