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The $5,000 Wardrobe

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Over ten months, Esquire will tell you how to create a killer wardrobe for just five grand. Visit this page to find out how.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/style/5000-wa...#ixzz0gI6ZLKvx


Im sure we can come up with a solid list.

For example I would replace the diesel jeans with some APC's for around the same price.
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"Just?" To be fair, if you already totally know your preferences, a nice wardrobe containing Engineered-Garments-priced stuff can be had for considerably cheaper than $5,000. The problem is knowing your preferences. I think that is the real cost of getting into clothes.
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$140 for jeans? #peasantstatus
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I think that even if you know your tastes, and shop on sales/with discounts, it would be hard to start from scratch and spend much less. Especially if you want suits. Three good suits, even on sale, can run you almost that much.
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I can make a waaayyy better list using SF B&S..just sayin'
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Unless you are wearing those blazers everyday, $1300 is just dumb. Go to h&m, and buy a couple of $100 blazers, they fit well, and at 1/13th the price, leave way more budget to work with.
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i wish I had $5k to spend on a wardrobe. I'd use it on drugs and video games, instead.
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That is a horrible list.
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Spending over 25% of your clothing budget on blazers = stupid. Especially if you are building a wardrobe and only have two shirts.
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Originally Posted by Jekyll View Post
That is a horrible list.

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if I had $5,000 to spend I think I'd go on a vacation to europe
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for $5000 I could get a sweet Esquire and a Deluxe Reverb and then some jeans
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Originally Posted by Max Biggavel View Post
$140 for jeans? #peasantstatus

Well, to be fair, the article is like 3 years old. Diesel hasn't made jeans that look like that with that back pocket design for even longer.
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You can't buy anything with 5k.
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I hope those Cole Haan loafers look great with those Diesel jeans, since there are no shoes other than those and black balmorals. Trying to build a casual and formal wardrobe in the same breath and with $5000 is stupid unless you know exactly how the person is going to allocate the time. If they are a business man and wearing suits 5 days a week, you can delegate $4000 to more formal clothing... 2 MTM suits and maybe 1-2 cheaper ones (H&M/Zara, tailored) for ~$1600, 5 MTM shirts $500-600, 1 pair nice dress shoes 2 pairs cheaper (maybe allocate $500 and get something a pair of AE then 2 Florsheim/whatever) 5 slim ties from anywhere basic, shouldn't be more than $200... Then maybe two wool sweaters from Jcrew $70. That's $2900... Pocket squares, shoe trees, socks, undershirts, etc. bump it to $3000. I'm already way better than Esquire for $2000 less, I'm also bored so fuck it, buy rick/margiela leather for 2k off ebay because you's a baller. There is my business wardrobe.
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