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Need an overcoat quick! (Toronto)

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Hello Gents,

First time poster at Style Forum.

A little background: I will be soon attending interviews at a few Ontario medical schools, and I need a knee-length overcoat, preferably in black or navy.

I realize that my timing isn't ideal, but alas, that is the fate of the chronic procrastinator!

I've attached an image of the type of overcoat that I'm interested in acquiring:

Sans the model, it appears like so (see attached file).

In terms of budget, I'm not really sure as I've never purchased an overcoat prior. Of course, the cheaper the better, but I'd rather avoid comprising on style/quality if possible.

Oh, and if not clear as of yet, I'm located in Toronto (specifically North York) and therefore am looking for any stores in the general vicinity which may have such an item.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


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I would think your timing is great - I see a lot of these on sale as end-of-season close outs. Check the standard Brooks Brothers, JCrew, Barneys. Unless you need to pick it up today, you should be able to get 2 or 3 day shipping.
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how much do you want to spend? you could check out the harry rosen outlet at heartland
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Check out Ralph Lauren (the stores and not what they have at macys, etc). I bought the howard navy overcoat for $500 USD, which was down from retail of $1300. They might still have some left, its a great coat.
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You might try O'connells. Their service is truly excellent and the prices were just lowered. I ordered on Mon and it arrived at my door on Wed. I got a British Warm but I seem to remember a Navy one.
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Brooks Brothers at Royal Bank Plaza has overcoats on sale and prices are reduced 50%. You might be able to find something there.
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