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Where to start with shoes

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Plenty of talk about shoes, but where to start.

I'm probably not looking in the right places, but am looking to buy a serious pair of shoes. The most serious I've been so far would be Hudson.

We've got Bally and Lloyd as large brands, then there's all those talked about here, from Lobb, Tods, AE etc...

I'm in Australia, and unsure where I should be looking? I'd like to go online, but am unsure of fit. Thought about how one should progress?
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I'm not quite looking that in that league.

What could I look to find for say US$300. I'm also off to Seattle in a few months time....
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Let's get a list of good shoes for each price point. $100 and less, $150-200, etc. This could be very useful I am sure.
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AE is always a good place to start. you can buy a couple with 300 and still get change back for gas
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You can find a fair selection of shoes in Seattle at Nordstrom. Unfortunately, I don't think they currently carry Grenson, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green or John Lobb. They should stock some Allen Edmonds at the regular store. You can find Allen Edmonds at Nordstrom's outlet called the Rack. I don't recall specific prices on AE's at the Rack, but $150 or so sounds in the ballpark.

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Dude, I've purchased shoes while on vacation abroad and then I loved them so much I tried to purchase a couple more online at a discount when I got back.

Let me opine that there's no substitute for having tried the shoes on, and that ordering a pair online without having tried a similar last and size is a risk, even if it's from the same manufacturer. Since a good pair of shoes can last a lifetime, you may not want to be hasty.
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