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Bicycle shorts

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Am considering taking up cycling for fitness (stunning Spring weather is sunny Sydney) and bought my high-quality cycling shorts (with padded cusions for privates). As I was too embarassed to ask the bike shop assistant, are bthese supposed to be worn with undies underneath or without underneath? TIA
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I would highly recommend underwear underneath, and then probably cargo shorts over the top. Some things, the general public does not need to know... EDIT: Ah, forget I said anything...
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I had to suffer the indignity of wearing a lycra all-in-one when I used to row seriously- these are even worse than bicycle shorts. I was, however, afforded the luxury of wearing a rowing zephyr underneath. I eschewed "undies": in the interests of your comfort - and possibly also your sperm count - I would suggest you do the same.
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Hey Chickpea, I'm a cyclist myself and, to the best of my knowledge, cycling shorts are designed NOT to be worn with underwear. Some of the reasons: 1)\tThe pad (chamois) should be the only thing in contact with your "˜boys'. It is designed to protect the area against chafing and the resulting skin rash. 2)\tThe chamois is usually treated with anti-bacterial solution and therefore is designed to be in contact with said area. 3)\tUnderwear is usually made out of cotton, which is not a wicking material, i.e., it does not get rid of your sweat fast enough, and will get wet and cause chafing and rash. In contrast, the chamois IS made of a wicking material - as is the short itself - and provides an efficient outlet for your sweat. 4)\tThe seams in your underwear may be another cause of chafing. It goes without saying that the shorts should be washed after each ride... I hope this answers your question. I have the same debate with my wife all the time - she insists on wearing underwear, but her excuse is different anatomy...
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As an avid biker and 3-year shop employee...I second everything Lomezz mentioned. DON'T wear underwear under cycling shorts. Can cause nasty chafing. They also look weird under cycling shorts. Don't worry about the other cyclists, as they'll be doing the same. Also...get the best shorts money allows. You'll thank yourself later. Assos makes some really nice stuff (though pricey), as do Pearl Izumi, Descente, and others. The more 'panels' the better, also. The last thing you want are the boys to get numb. =]
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as someone who cycles a lot too, i third the notion of no underwear - buy the correct cycling shorts with lots of padding and you're all set
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Cool, I didn't know there were so many cyclists here. My advice to avoid saddle sores: 1) Absolutely NO UNDERWEAR 2) Use chamois cream 3) Buy high quality shorts 4) Get professionally fitted for your bike 5) Wash your 'under-regions' well 6) Don't sit in your shorts long after your ride, ie at the coffee shop Have fun.
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