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Wedding help!

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Hi, i'm new (obviouisly). First i like to introduce myself. My name is Jimmy and i'm currently a college student going into my junior year. I signed up to this forum to just get the basic do's and dont's of casual/formal wear because the career i'm pursuing will require me to dress somewhat casual/formal on a daily basis. My problem is, i recently bought my very first pair of dress trousers at Banana Republic and these are it ..but i dont know what shirt to get. I have no clue on color or brand. Please be aware i really dont have a large budget so something no too expensive but not dirt cheap. Also i'm more of a slim built and i notice the BR shirts were a bit large for me even in size small. Recommendations please! Thanks a bunch guys.
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Welcome to the forums. I just graduated from college and dont have much of a budget or even amazing style but I think I can help you a bit.

Key things to a professional warddrobe are:
- Dark suit (Grey,charcoal, Navy)
* You already have pants so thats a suitable start

Shirtwise the essentials you may start with are:
- Solid White Shirt (1)
- Solid Blue Shirt (1) preferably pale blue
- Blue with stripes (1)
- White with stripes (1)

- Blue Tie, Yellow Tie, Red Tie, Pink Tie, Brown Tie, Grey Tie. IN any combination (a good start would be about three). Mix it up between striped, printed and solid ties.

Some decent brands that make good looking clothing for a good price are:
- Banana Republic (which you've already gone to), IM wearing a pair of blended wool pants from them now but Im not a huge fan anymore
- Jcrew. Great clothing on the conservative side. Theyre shirts have a fit thats in the middle between slim and regular fit. Nice ties too and great service. Thats where most of my shirts are from these days, and my next blazer
- ExpressMen. I like the fit of their shirts as well, they are more slim fitted than Jcrew and they dont have shirt pockets (big plus for me), they have very good sales as well (got my last dress shirt for $20 from them)

Tie wise you can just go to a Hects, Macys or Wherever and pick up some for $16-$40. With brands like Van Heusen, CK, Donna Karan. They're cheap and most people wont know they were.

FOr a college kid with not much funds, I think I just gave you a decent start. You can worry about getting more particular when you get accustomed to dressing up and start making some money
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thanks alot man, appreciate the help
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What are you trying to get at?
The title says wedding help
Are you trying to get advice on what to wear to a wedding?
If so, what is your budget?
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I was a little confused by that too, but I just responded to the body of his thread
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oh i'm sorry, yeah its for a wedding, and i have around 100 dollars to spend on a shirt
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