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I'd probably just go used Tag if you are looking for a watch to impress the average Joe. Really once you get out of Rolex/Tag there is not much the guy on the street will recognize. Maybe I'd put Omega in that class too.

I like Marathon watches since they are actual milspec watches. It is not that they are brilliant or well-known in any way, it is just that they work and have that heritage. Hamilton used to make real military watches, and J. Crew has that Timex recreation that looks pretty nice - but I feel like heritage watches are also an "in-the-know" sort of thing.

Used classic watches like older Longines are great - it lets you pretend the watch was handed down through generations, etc. But again, limited popular knowledge.

I think Japanese Seikos are probably the best deal... But often I find that people think they aren't any different than Citizen - Not that I agree with that, but that is what I've seen out there. Then there are the Chinese makers, where you can get automatics in that price range from Orient or others. I don't know much about them really, but they do look nice in the online pics.
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Try Hamilton or Raymond Weil...
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If you are willing to get somehting less tired, try this Orient: Link to a review on Watchuseek: I am actually thinking of picking it up myself. I don't like the competing Seikos and Hamiltons in the ~$500 price range. Seiko Spirits are a bit small, Hammies are only 50m WR, and both have sub-second markings. Not only are those absolutely unnecessary on a non-chronograph watch, they are also wrong -- subdividing the second into 5 parts while the movements are 6 and 8 beats per second for Seiko and Hammy respectively. On the other hand, you sound like a normal person and probably aren't bothered by stuff like that when it comes to watches I like the Orient because the dial is devoid of visual noise, and 4 o'clock crown together with bold lumed hands give it a somewhat youthful/sporty appearance, even though it's still a proper dressy watch. I also like that it has a power reserve indicator which is not too in-your-face. Oh, and it's 100m WR, just like the Seikos. Another brand which many folks already mentioned to you is Stowa. Unfortunately their dressy models are also limited to 30-50 m WR only, but maybe you don't care -- technically, a 30 m WR watch should withstand any normal everyday encounter with water. They are good-looking watches for sure.
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another option is to go with a known name brand ~

burberry, louis vuitton, gucci, calvin klein, armani all carry watches that fits into your budget

personally, I would go for a swiss watch, automatic ... not quartz - dont want the hassle of getting batteries, etc.

but with automatic, you do have to wind your watch now and then ...
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Not being a watch collector but being somewhat interested I did watch TimeZone and other sites and had my dreams. One day I was directed to a blog on very high end watches that apparently is somewhat popular. That days entry talked about a couple of watches in the 6 figure range and the blogger than went to a subject: What watch would I get if I had no money. And this was his answer but with a rose gold dial rather than white as in this picture. It is $475 in either white face or rose face with ss plated in a rose gold color. I purchased it and wear it most days and have gotten a number of compliments and questions on it from watch fanciers. it is hidden but the band does have a deployment buckle. Perry PS: here it is in rose face:
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Originally Posted by audiophilia View Post

Less than $500 shipped. Great CS. Link

You have lots of options. Tissot, Seiko, etc. Check Watchuseek and Timezone used FS forums for some fine watches around $500.

Others will have great ideas. Have fun and enjoy.

Looks nice, but I find automatic watches a pain. If you don't wear them every day they stop. I have a Gevril. It can take about a half hour of wear before it starts running. You then have to set time and date.

How many of you use the boxes that keep the watches moving and there fore wound?
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Originally Posted by Harrydog View Post
Looks nice, but I find automatic watches a pain. If you don't wear them every day they stop. I have a Gevril. It can take about a half hour of wear before it starts running. You then have to set time and date.

How many of you use the boxes that keep the watches moving and there fore wound?

Most modern autos have a 40 hours power reserve or more. That's almost two days of idling. If you get one with a windable movement, e.g. Seiko's 6R15 or ETA 2824-2, just give the crown a few turns at night and you can keep it going perpetually.

Your Gevril is broken (or you bought a p.o.s.). It shouldn't take more than a couple of shakes to get an auto going.
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dude, Maurice Lacroix Pontos GMT Auto (brand new in box), he's asking $595, the retail price of this watch is $1,800 seller comes with good feeback and reference
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Have you had a look at Steinhart? Very nice Pilot Watches from 350 €.

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I have a Hamilton Jazzmaster; C. Ward Malvern chrono; and vintage Omega Seamaster Deville - all were under $500, all are lovely, all are fun to wear, and all elicit many compliments.
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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post
Don't waste your money. Anything between $10-1000 is pointless when it comes to watches.

Ridiculous and uninformed.
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Originally Posted by fjblair View Post
Ridiculous and uninformed.
I read this as being a sarcastic comment about the Big Timers we have around here sometimes. You can spot them by the way their Benzes have torn their tailored pants
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Retract statement
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Originally Posted by DNW View Post
Just placed an order for a Timefactors Speedbird III. The total, shipping included, was about 360 GBP, which was about $570 in USD. It's a lot of watch for the money, and extremely versatile. I've yet to read a bad review about this watch. Can't wait for it.

Review here:

Porn here:

Buy here:

Received this watch in the mail yesterday (shipped in 2 days from the UK!). It's every bit as good as the reviews, and worth every penny (even after a $29 customs duty collected at delivery ).
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