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How many jeans do you cycle at once?

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I'm finding it hard to juggle more than 2 pairs of jeans at a time. I'm so anxious to watch them fade over time that if I add a third pair to my weekly mix, I feel like it's too many and it might take too long to see changes. I'm a rookie when it comes to project jeans, so I would love some insight as to how many pairs one can cycle and still see results in a year's time
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I normally work on one at a time, and fall back on another pair when the main ones need a couple days to defunk themselves :P
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I'm cycling more or less 5 pairs. It'll take me a while to see tangible results, but they'll all mature at different times because I wear some more than others. Right now, I'm wearing: 45rpm Sorahiko, Nudie RRDS, Nudie RR Greycast, 1947 LVC, and RRL Slim selvage. I'll add some Sugar Cane or Eternal to my rotation in 5-6 months. BTW, those listed have all been washed once when they were new. They're all between 6-9 months from their first wash, but unfortunately I don't wear jeans exclusively. I wear wool/cords in the winter and linen/khakis in the summer also. So, I'm looking at 6-9 more months before the first wash.
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I cycle prolly 5-6 pairs as well, currently

7 slimmy
7 relaxed (about 2-3 years old)
PDC GTO 3 year (2-3 years old)
AG Fillmore
ES Hutch

I have a couple other pairs I wear from time to time that are a darker finish for nighttime wear as well.
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Three right now, and I find it difficult to wear more than two pair really.

SD-103 (~ 1 month)
Nudie BO (7 months)
ES Hutch
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I only have one pair I want to wear so it's easy for me.
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I usually wear my main pair, whatever that happens to be at the time, about 70% of the time, 20% of the time I'll wear non-denim pants and the other 10% would be a pair of more specialty jeans.
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Cycling 3
Nudies (3 months)
APC (2 months)
Imperials (2 weeks).

Imperials / APC getting the most wear, usually day for day, with Nudies being a bit more casual,.....I can wear jeans 2 work if I want....I tend to wear formal clothing....usually break into the jeans there 2-3 days a week tho

Taking my total days per week of jean wearing to 4-5.

That means each pair gets 1.666 wears a week.

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now in my wekly list my cycle is 7 pairs
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i have one pair that i wear most of the time that im breaking in, and 2 pair of washed jeans i wear when i want a change, or my other jeans are still wet from skating. the rest just sit and wait for the day that i will love them again.
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one, and one old washed pair in reserve for other (infrequent) occasions
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Originally Posted by tweedlesinpink
one, and one old washed pair in reserve for other (infrequent) occasions
Me, too. Plus a pair of prewashed to wear once in a great while.
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I'm on three right now, and it's kind of impossible. Two is the most I'd suggest. I tend to designate one pair as my go-to pair, and the other two I just make sure to wear at least one day a week. I can (and do) wear jeans 7 days a week, though, so that helps.
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I cycle two :

- nudie Ola (since march 2005, two wash)
- lvc 1947 (since june 2005, one wash)

But I wear jeans mostly on the week ends & vacations.

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I'm currently wearing two (LVC 1947 and APC NS) and am about to add something Japanese to that when I figure out what I want.
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