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Does anybody have any info on this brand?
I just saw a bunch of stuff on the Fred Segal Trend site -

Stuff looks good. I especially like the light blue chinos.
How do these run? True to size?
Also I see that they are listed as 46-56. How does that equate to US waist size?

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I own several pair of trousers, and I like them alot. They've held good, and very comparable to some of the canli and zegna trousers I own.
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They make some really great trousers with various fits (soem of them nice). They have a pair of moleskin trousers i saw at alan bilzerian in boston and they were really fantastic.
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I own two pairs of Masons which I've had for four years. Both fit quite baggy, but are completely bullet proof and have held up to a millions washes.
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Can anybody comment on the chinos sizing?
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The fits differ a bit but generally pretty true in that a 48= ~32waist.
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I was checking out the light blue chinos and need to decide if I should go for the 30 or 32.
My waist size is a 31.
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I see no one's posted anything here for a while. Thought I'd post something here though rather than start a new thread. Does anyone own a Masons shirt? I'd appreciate some info on fit and construction. I'm not interested in BOO but if they run more like Gitman V I might be tempted... Thoughts?
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^ You ever tried their shirts?
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