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Writing about fashion and style

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Out of boredom I was skimming the Glenn O'Brien sections from some old GQ's and "how to dress yourself"-type guides and I started thinking to myself "you know, it would be fun for me to do something like this." I'm well aware that my clothing knowledge isn't even in the same league as many of the posters here, but at least compared to my peers and the average guy I seem to be rather knowledgeable; ever since I started reading this board and upgrading my wardrobe my friends have noticed and started coming to me with their own fashion questions. What I'm interested in doing is either acting as a style advice columnist or just writing articles about men's fashion in general (evolution of traditions, nuances in different places/eras, cultural significance, etc). When school gets back in the fall, I think I may try to join a campus publication or start my own and write about the above subjects. Til then, I'm trying to decide whether this is a realistic/worthwhile possibility for doing full time and generating income and if so, how to go about pursuing it, as well as how to improve and refine my fashion/style knowledge (besides reading this board). I've already got a summer job, but this could be a good project for my free time. This was just a random light bulb that came to my head at 4 am, so I haven't spent extensive time thinking it over, but I'd be interested in what everyone here would have to say about it.
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Just do it. Don't worry about making money with the writing -- make the money on the one-on-one consulting and professional shopping. The writing is just for marketing purposes to get your name out there as an expert. Try to get into publications that business executives read. Or, local professional sports players. Guys with plenty of money to spend on upscale clothing and YOU. Go for it.
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you likely won't make a tonne of money writing look at suzie menkes, the fashion writer for the international herald tribune, likely the most important fashion writer alive today, fashion shows don't start until she arrives, but she herself states that people would be surprised how little she makes doing what she does it's a good idea but tie it to something else
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There are lots of ways to tie in other money making ideas. When I find a couple that work, I'll let you know.
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I get what everyone's saying. I'm still planning on law school and what not, but I'm just barely into the start of my summer job and have already grown jaded with the whole office grind thing again, so I was just trying to figure out if I could generate any career options/supplementary income with my interest in fashion. So I'm not really declaring writing as a career path, although I'd like to be able to find an "in" into the scene and give it a try.
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As you pointed out Suzy Menkes but what about fashion journalists such as Anna Piaggi?
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but anna piaggi works for italian vogue and is as such, a paid fashion editor at vogue and not an independent journalist - but your point is correct and well taken, there are jobs out there with the leading magazines and newsagencies (fashiontelevision) but there aren't that many 'well' paying journalist jobs, maybe i'm wrong,
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Aybojs: Speaking from experience, you won't get rich, but it's sure a heck of a lot of fun.. And we could use some additional voices helping guys with their wardrobes. Volunteer to start a column in your local paper. Local newspapers are eager to get information. You could be circulated nationally in no time.. Andy
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