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Ascot Chang

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I will be in New York in early August and was looking into getting a couple of shirts. What's the verdict on Ascot Chang if I follow their template and send them the measurements and choices?

Are they too pricey? or what I'd expect to pay for custom service.

Usual delivery time?

Thanks in advance for any input
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i have used them (from the Penisular Hotel shop) for 10 years or more and found them very good.

Mail order is equally OK.
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Would you please clarify? Are you planning on buying their RTW? Getting fitting with MTM? Or having a shirt made solely by sending your measurements via the internet?

If you're going to be in NYC anyway, you should have them measure you in person. The consensus is that their salespersons are very well trained. You should really reap the benefits of being their in person rather than simply sending measurements.
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Before you make a final determination. Please take this excellent custom shirt concern into account. Adam may be able to move a fitting long more quickly if you speak to him in advance and explain what your time constraints are like.:
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Well, this would be my first custom shirts.
I apologize for the ambigous post.

Since I'm in no time crunch on these, perhaps it is better to visit them in person and get their expertise.
Sending in my measurements was simply me hoping to pick them up and use them while I was there on vacation.

Any tips on things i must ask for or details to consider before I make an appointment?

Much appreciated guys.
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I highly recommend you get measured in person. They will ship a shirt to you in six weeks or so. Modify as necessary, then request the balance.

In NYC, consider forum approved as well.
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Just used the NY store, great service (finally knowledgable salespeople), great shirts.

MTM order took about a month. Prices for nice but not luxury shirtings ran $150 to $200 per shirt.
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