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Originally Posted by Swann View Post
What is your favorite soap? Just curious.

I prefer the rosemary, thyme and cedar smell of pears soap.

I'm with you dude - I can't live without Pears soap. When I can't use that (travelling, etc), I take Burt's Bees body wash
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After using Molton Brown re-charge black pepper bodywash for a while, I can't find anything better. It's just awesome. TIP: Use it with a real sea sponge from Caswell Massey, lathers up great and is a lot more efficient than just pouring it into your hands. The bottle will last much longer. Pour a small but even amount throughout the sponge. You'll be amazed at how much more lather you'll get using one.

A close second is the bracing silverbirch bodywash. It's really good.

The absolute very best facial cleanser I've ever tried, and the only thing that works well with my pain in the ass combination type skin is the white cranberry cleanser from a manufacturer called Mychelle. They only use organic, natural ingredients and their stuff is simply insane. I was noticing a huge difference within 2 days. They are usually available at Whole Foods.
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While I am not Irish and do not know if it actually has anything to do with Ireland my favorite soap is Irish Spring which I have been using since I was in high school.
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I've tried a long line of different soaps. My favorite has to be Caswell Massey, specifically the lime. I haven't found an acceptable body wash that I have liked. The Black Pepper recharge is "ok", but I got tired of it rather quickly and it felt less effective after a while. I might re-try the L'Occitane, I liked the Cade but disappointed it was a hair/body combo, which I am leery of.
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For my bathroom sink, I use whatever soap I took from whatever hotel I've stayed in.

For the shower, I like L'Occitane lavender or lemon verbena gels. Since my hair is nearly nonexistent, they are my "shampoo" as well.
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I use Oil of Olay moisturizing soap. Its available anywhere, like target. Costs about $1 per bar.
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i use the Cedar scent by Indigo Wild -

it smells woodsy, spicey, very natural, and definitely kinda hippie-ish. i get compliments a lot. if you've ever smelled someone using aveda shampoo its kind of like that but fresher and sweeter. they sell it in bulk at the Whole Foods Market by my house.

if i'm feeling sporty/all-american guy i go to good ole Irish Spring Icey Blast. takes me back to high school sports haha.

during winter when my skin can get dry i use Olay Shea Butter Body Wash.
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Zest mint explosion
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I never thought I'd be the sort of feller who used fancy soaps.... but Nancy Boy soaps, especially the Lemon Grass, are my new favorite.
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Originally Posted by hermes View Post

as for the baxter bars, i find they're great for the gym etc as i can use one bar for everything - they are gylcerin based, are soft and not the hard gylercin bars i've always encountered, they foam quite well for a gylcerin bar, fit nicely in a guy's palm (they're not overwhelming large) and i find no drying effects on my facial skin in using them - i find it rinses off well without any residue

they're inexpensive, $10.00 for three bars, and if they don't work out for your face, you can at least use them on your body so you won't waste your money

They're now $14 for three bars. Are they still worth buying at this price?
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I use bar soaps, primarily Dial, but sometimes Dove or Irish Spring. I can't say, though, that I really pay attention to the differences between the soaps.
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Kirk's Coconut castile, it is so cheap $1 a bar.
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+1 for Dove
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Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan View Post
I quite like Molton Brown's naran ji for the hands. The black pepper liquid body wash is quite refreshing.

+1 for the black pepper. Use it every morning, its quality. Strong smell in the bottle but just enough to leave a small trace of the smell on you out of the shower.
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Originally Posted by cpmac7 View Post
+1 for Dove

qft. especially the aloe vera scent
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