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Favorite soap?

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What is your favorite soap? Just curious.

I prefer the rosemary, thyme and cedar smell of pears soap.
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For hand soap I've been using EO lemon eucalyptus.
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I think liquid soaps are much much better.
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Agreed. Bar soap strikes me as being unhygenic.
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I quite like Molton Brown's naran ji for the hands. The black pepper liquid body wash is quite refreshing.
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I like Cuticura, also Betadine.
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Days of our lives...

Wait, you mean to bathe with? Dove.

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Another vote for Dove
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I've been using the Kiss My Face soaps. Seem pretty good so far. Using "Close Encounters" bar soap now. I like bar much better than liquid. Doesn't seem unhygenic to me, I'm the only one who uses it and it IS soap after all heheh.
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Shea butter bar soaps from l'Occitane. I don't think there's any hygiene difference with a bar soap - just get a soap dish with holes in it that allows the soap to dry after use. (It also makes the bar last much longer.)
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I would like to branch out and buy some quality soaps but can't justify spending the money on them when I smell just as clean using good ol' Irish Spring.
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Another Dove user. My dry skin does not permit the use of other products.
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Bars are just rather messy and unwieldy.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Bars are just rather messy and unwieldy.

What do you use?

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