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Borrelli sportswear

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Does anyone here have experience with Borrelli sportswear? I am interested in purchasing some flat front trousers for the summer, in light pastel colors, and most likely in cotton. I have seen some by Borrelli, as well as Incotex. How do these two brands compare fit wise? I have heard that Borrelli trousers run quite slim.
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I have two pairs of Borrelli cotton flat fronts and they do run pretty slim. Take a look at shopthefinest.com as they usually have a pretty good selection of cotton flat front trousers. They also have detailed measurements, including width at the knee and width at the hem. The ones I have measured 7 and 7.5 inches respectively at the hem, and this for a 34 waist; quite slim.

As far as I know, Incotex made for the US market are significantly fuller in the leg than those made for the European market. I hardly wear my US ones as they are a little too full for my legs. Though I'm not 100% sure, I'm fairly certain that the Incotex on Yoox are of the slimmer variety.
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on yoox, they have the opening measurement. some of the incotex pants on there are quite wide, some quite slim. they sell the narrow pants in the US. it just depends on the style, not market.
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Based on my experience with over dozen pairs of cotton Borrelli pants is that they are all slim fit with narrow, straight legs. I have them in very nice shades of light blue, green, red, navy, brown, etc. They are uniformly high quality.
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I have three pairs of the Borrelli cotton pants and two pairs of Incotex "Incochino" as they're called - all are flat fronts. The Borrellis are definitely slimmer and made to a much higher standard - I find them more comfortable too despite the fact that the Incotex are a slightly fuller cut.
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