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Vivienne westwood.

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What is everybody's opinion on Vivienne Westwood? I rather like the orb design, and ws thinking of purchasing a keychain, and whatnot. As I realize this brand seems rather popular in Japan, and is somewhat eclectic, and avant-garde.
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For accessories, I'm sure its fine. I bought a pair of black denim, low rise jeans on sale last summer at their US flagship in SoHo. I like them alot for about 6 wears, but then the stitching in the back pocket came loose and made them unwearable (granted, I spent around 90$, but that was still around 50% off at their end of season sale.). I'm not buying her clothes again because of this. I really like some of the subtle shirts, etc, but the quality of my pants has made me a bit jaded towards VW. Great materials, bad craftsmanship. Their store in SoHo closed this winter, so it must not have been doing too well. In London, many people love her stuff. I think you'll be fine w/ accessories. Pete
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I must offer up my opinion here. While Vivienne's clothing may be eccentric, I find it hard to sort out the pieces when I see them on the runway and find something actually wearable. I don't like any of the fabrics that are used, and most of the designs are just too strange for me. The accessories are much nicer. I have seen some fantastic belts come out of her lines.
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