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I called them. "Alice Zotta" is still open "same family" though apparently she is no longer there. They refused to confirm if she in fact had passed away but:
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WOAT is good, expensive, but good.

They will likely find that the moths laid eggs, and this will complicate everything.

They do a good job, but be prepared for it to cost $100+
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Whenever your'e considering the economic viability of using a reweaving service, it's always advisable to have the garment dry cleaned beforehand. For 2 reasons: 1. For purely hygienic reasons, good reweavers such as Without A Trace in Chicago, don't want to work on a garment that is not clean. If your'e concerned about the dry cleaner machine pressing your garment, ask them to dry clean, steam out and skip the pressing. 2. The female adult moth only lays her eggs where there is nutrition for the larvae to feed on when they hatch. The "moth damage" is caused by the frenzied feeding of the larvae, not the moth itself. But larvae mostly feed ON THE SURFACE, weakening the threads in those places. They don't always eat all the way through (which is what you actually see). In other words, when your'e looking at the garment with the naked eye you may not be seeing ALL the damage. The best way to evaluate the economic viability of reweaving is to dry clean the garment first. Why? Because the tumbling of the garment in the dry cleaning machine will put some "stress" on those fibers that have been eaten on the surface, possibly breaking those threads and highlighting even more holes in the garment. This is particularly the case with wool sweaters. You might have seen only 1 or 2 holes, but there are now actually 6 or 7 holes, which significantly impacts the economic viability of reweaving in the first place. If you don't dry clean before reweaving you risk Website: Daily blog:
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I actually posted a picture of a recent reweaving I had done on a Tuxedo at Mid City Tailoring on 43rd St. The price was fair and the turn around was ridiculous quick (3 days) since I needed the tuxedo for an event. Alice Zotta is definitely dead. I also heard their quality dropped significantly and I know for a fact the turn around is ridiculously long (quoted me 6-8 weeks).
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Thanks to all who posted in this thread. I have a HSM suit that had the end of a nylon tag sticking out of a sleeve. Where the sleeve folded over the back of the suit, there were two holes pierced (1/16" to 1/8"). Vendor claimed they were moth holes, in spite of my showing the end of the nylon tag and how when the sleeve was folded over, the nylon end was right on the holes.

Love the suite, but can't wear it with the holes (I got a hang-up about "damaged" goods), but now I got a couple of reweaving services to call.
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Curiously, the reweaver in the basement of the office building across from the National Press Club in DC also died over the last year or so. The tailor who works on the main floor has sent some things out for us and the work was very well done. I'm not sure who he is contracting with.
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For the past 15 years I have used Fabric Reweavers USA in Florida

Keith is the best and will not do it unless it will be perfect.
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Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor View Post
For the past 15 years I have used Fabric Reweavers USA in Florida

Keith is the best and will not do it unless it will be perfect.

Actually this was the same thing I loved about Alice, she would not do it unless it could be done well and would tell you clearly upfront what to expect.
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My drycleaners have a poster advertising their reweaving services, saying they are affordable and quick.
I assume they send their stuff out somewhere.
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What am i missing here? Reweaving -- done right -- is never "affordable and quick".
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Originally Posted by stubloom View Post
What am i missing here? Reweaving -- done right -- is never "affordable and quick".

My thoughts whenever I see that sign.

I'm tempted to try it, just to see the results.
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

these people have done some work for me in the past

How do they compare to the other two NYC weavers (in price and quality)?
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