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Fitted button front shirts?

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I've been looking for a company that makes fitted button front shirts with a square hem. I'm just looking for something casual that could be worn untucked. I'd like something that isn't overly long as well. I like my shirts to end right at the bottom of my belt or slightly lower. I'm not too picky about fabrics but something that is lighter would be better.

Any suggestions?
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band of outsiders...
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Is there any cheaper option than Band of Outsider out there? I will gladly concur that they make some very, very nice shirts. However, the price is very high. I am also seeking for such a shirt. I haven't found much in Montreal last time around...
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Richard James. Retail is in the neighborhood of $300+, but you can often find them at Filene's Basement for under $100.
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I actually found a diesel shirt that fits your description last year. It's black/gray striped, very fitted buttonfront and not too long (can be tucked or not). Shockingly it is minimal in its decorations with no weird Diesel-esque logos or patches stuck all over the shirt. Cost $80. Obviously it is not in season any more but point is, Diesel can have the occasional good piece so they might be worth checking out.
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Another option is just to bring in a shirt to have it tailored. I brought in 2 shirts to my tailor last week to have the sides taken in and the length shortened so I can wear them untucked. Costs like $15 to have the sides taken in for me and $10 for the length per shirt.
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I'm thinking the tailor route may be the way to go. I'm also going to look into having shirts custom made. A friend of mine had a few custom made and they cost him $175 CAD per shirt. For a custom shirt, I don't think that is bad at all.

Also, what is the general opinion on tucking? I always tuck in with any type of dress pant but I don't like tucking into jeans. I think jeans are too casual. I'm really trying to avoid the am jack look. I figure that if they are properly hemmed and well fitted then I shouldn't have a problem.
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I think it looks fine as long as it doesn't look blousy, which is exactly what you are trying to not get. I'd only tuck a button down in my jeans typically if I have a sportcoat on, plus I don't like how when you tuck them in and you are moving a lot like stretching or dancing they get untucked and you get a bunch around the waist.
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I really like Troglodyte Homonculus. Great vintage-style (kind of 30s-40s) and fit is superb.
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I just called Andy Yuen, who is a custom shirt maker in Vancouver, BC, and described what I was looking for. He told me he could do exactly what I wanted: slim fitting, square hem, soft collar, casual fabrics etc for $165 CAD per shirt. I'm going to visit his studio next time I'm visiting the city for a fitting and to check out the selection of fabrics. I'll post back here after I stop by there.
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I am surprised no one mentioned Jantzen. Is it because we're afraid to see another "I ordered two months ago, where are they?" thread? For $50 a shirt it's hard to beat, especially when you have specific details in mind. Do a search for "Jantzen"
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
I really like Troglodyte Homonculus. Great vintage-style (kind of 30s-40s) and fit is superb.
how do I know what size I am? I've never owned a "real" button-up shirt before.

can you post a picture of yourself wearing one of the shirts?
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Hrm... maybe I should find the perfect shirt (spending whatever it takes) and send it to Jantzen to copy... Or is that kind of risky?
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Believe it or not.

Sean John
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