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Yoox Code

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SECRETSALE@YOOX for 50% off Spring/Summer original prices. I got the e-mail at around 12pm Pacific and it said that the code was good for 24 hours. I just ordered something about 5 minutes ago and the code was still valid.


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Don't forget to use the link so SF can get some kickback.
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holy moly you guys there's very few things I'd actually wanna buy in this sale... darn.

Oh well, got these in white:

but a friend was telling me it's better in grey. WTF? Grey? What do you wear grey shoes with?

Anyways, aside from the grey vs. white deal: what'd you buy?
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Man, I just watched a Prada shirt I put in my shopping cart disappear as I was completing the order. There were many items that showed up in the search result but were actually sold out. I felt like I was on some kind of online sample sale, trying to wrest things away from other shoppers. But 50% off is not really what it might lead you to believe- a lot of spring/summer stuff are already marked down, and it's 50% off from the original prices.
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Thanks a lot for the tip Jeff.
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