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I was wondering where i could get a black leather wristband or under 100 dollars. I would like a plain one with no metal just black leather and no designs. i think Carson on Queer Eye has worn won on the show. Thanks for any help
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I seem to remember Dior Homme made on but I am not sure if it's plain or not. Perhaps also try Gucci, Chrome Hearts or maybe Moschino.
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I like the braided band they have here at (?) and there are some plain, wide wristbands here. If you were willing to settle for a wristband with a subtle design on it, you'd have a much, much bigger range of choices. Look up 'leather wristband' on Google and eBay.
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Dior Homme makes them, though I think that their model has a silver clasp closing. But don't jump on this "band" wagon (couldn't resist). The trend is so far along (Dior started in at least 2 seasons ago) that you'll start to see similar stuff at the GAP soon. And it looked pretty dumb to begin with. Unless you are a techno-Masai warrior or something.
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