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Pockety t-shirts

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I don't own any t-shirts with the pocket on them. For those of you who do, why/when/with what would you wear a pocket t-shirt rather than a regular crewneck? I can see putting smokes in there or something, but that's about it.
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They look better than regular T-shirts. The pocket adds flair.
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Looks less like an undershirt.
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I agree, I don't particularly like the pockets either.

If the shirt is so thin that it looks like an undershirt, I probably don't want it to begin with - whether it has a pocket or not.
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i like them
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I hate to say it, and no offense intended to anyone, but when I see a tshirt with a breast pocket, I always wonder if there's a pocket protector around just waiting to jump on in. But one of my fashion pet peeves is taking casual clothing and trying to make it more formal (as opposed to vice versa, which I love), and rightly or wrongly, pocketed tshirts give me that impression. If you need a place to put your ciggies that badly, roll 'em up in your sleeve. You will be too cool for school.
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