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Filson Bags in NYC

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Where can I buy a Filson (Pullman) Bag in Manhattan?
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I'm thinking Orvis on 5th Avenue and 44th(?) Street
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I'm in the same boat. I was told I have to fly out of the city on Friday and I wanted to grab a medium duffle beforehand. So far I havent any luck. I think paragon had a couple smaller bags, but seems to be pushing a competing brand. Bloomingdales doesnt have any. Upland Trading Company went out of business. I think Orvis sells their own brand, at least I never saw Filson there. Is there anywhere else we can try?
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Just call Cranes. I bet they could overnight.
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Hickey Freeman now carries Filson bags. You can check them out on the HF website under accessories, but they actually carry additional models at their Madison Avenue store.
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i believe Paragon is selling Filson as well. Not sure if they have the one that you are asking about.
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Paragon sports has the most I have seen anywhere in the city, but they still don't have that many

Orvis has a very limited selection, I think they only had one style last time I was there

Urban Outfitters has some tote bags
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